Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Big Week

Big Mac had a big week last week. 

First, he met his Aunt Lindy.
Do you say "Ooont" or "Ant?"  
Lindy wants to be called Ooonty Lindy and I say she's Ant Lindy.
I guess it doesn't really matter, but I'll probably correct Mac if he ever uses the fancy pronunciation.

Mac also got to meet his some of his Great-Grandparents.
 My grandma and grandpa drove into St. Louis for the day and drove out.

Because I thought this drive was a BIG DEAL, we dressed Maclin up all fancy.
 This outfit was originally supposed to be what he would wear for Lindy's wedding; however, it is NOT going to fit.
The top button of the shirt already won't close...so the little tie didn't get put on.
I'm a little sad, but excited about shopping for a new outfit.

On Saturday, Maclin celebrated his one-month birthday.
 So stinking cute.

That night, we went to a surprise party for my dear friend, Henselface.
It was an 80's theme, and Mac went for it.

Ok, he actually slept the entire time while I put glasses on him.

Like I said, he's a trooper.

At his one-month check up, Maclin weighed in at 11lbs 15.4 oz.  So close to 12 pounds!  He also measured 22.5 inches.  The doctor says he's measuring around the 95th percentile in both and is perfectly healthy.

I was happy and so was Mac...until the shot.  Yikes!

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  1. So cute!!! You guys are looking great!

    Mrs. D-Zo (Google is being a b*tch and won't let me sign in)