Monday, September 23, 2013


Ugh, I have stunk at this whole blogging thing.  Life here is good--we're settled in our home and feel pretty ready for Kiddo #2 to make his appearance in somewhere around 8 weeks.

Over the weekend, our new neighborhood hosted a subdivision party.  It was awesome!  One of the reasons we moved out here was so that we could live in more of a neighborhood environment and we've already met more friendly neighbors here than our entire 4 years living in Affton.

Back to the party...David was out of town, so a new friend (!) walked by our house and Mac & I walked over with her and her daughter.  There were bounce houses, a kids' musician/comedian, a race, and an outdoor movie.

The bounce house was a hit.  Mac was literally jumping for 90 minutes...he didn't even want to stop when his pants fell down.
 This shot doesn't do it justice.  There was a good 3 minutes when his pants were literally around his ankles.  Luckily, most of the neighbors seemed to think it was as funny as I did...or at least they pretended to.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chicago Trip

David and I were looking at our calendar a while back.  I noticed that last weekend was the ONLY weekend between now and November 16th (which, incidentally is 4 days before my due date) where we don't have a football game or wedding.

For reals.  No "free" weekends until I am literally about to pop.  Or, really, might have already popped.

So... we went to Chicago last weekend.  Turns out that it coincided with an event called A Day Out With Thomas at some train museum near Chicago.  Plus I wanted to go to IKEA.

Thomas was a madhouse.  Seriously.  They had a FULL-SIZED train with the engine decorated like Thomas.  Plus random train play stations, magicians, music, etc.  Mac was so so happy....even though he had first watched Thomas two days before our trip,* he knew who Thomas is and loves him some trains.

It was totally worth the trip, although I couldn't help but remember when I used to take trips for reasons other than trains :)

That night we ate at a restaurant called Pilot Pete's.  It was located at some tiny airport and overlooked the runway.  In theory, you could watch planes land and take off while eating...we didn't see any of this happen, but Mac was being a near-angel and ate a ton.  It was a cute place for kids, though.

The next day, we traveled across our hotel parking lot to visit IKEA.  I had actually gone the day before during nap time so that the boys didn't have to watch me debate between throw pillows and various curtains.  We were at IKEA a LONG time that day.  Somehow, Mac was being a near-angel again.  It might have been related to the new Thomas movie we allowed him to watch on the Ipad during our 3 hour shopping trip, but I would rather just claim that Mac is naturally patient, a trait he obviously gets from me (and here's the part where you laugh hysterically if you know me at all).

We got some needed items for our home...curtains for the nursery and sliding glass door, a HUGE book shelf for the office, shelves for the laundry room, and other small things, etc.  It was a literal miracle that everything (safely) fit in our car for the drive back.  I think we might even have had room for some more, but David didn't have as much faith in my car-packing abilities.  I randomly snapped a shot of the backseat, but it doesn't do our full load justice.

On the drive home, David started talking about how we should go on a baby-moon...but I'm thinking that weekend trip to go shopping and look at trains might have to do it.  At least it was fun :)

*Mac hadn't ever watched Thomas because I find the song REALLY grating.  I used to nanny for a little boy who watched the same episode of Thomas on repeat, so that song would get stuck in my head.  I don't mind Thomas in theory, but really can't handle that song.  It's too bad that Mac fell in love and has been requesting to watch Thomas ALL.THE.TIME.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seeing Ourselves in Mac

Last night, David and I went to eat at Food Trucks at Frontier Park... we got some yummy delicsouness and Mac was having none of that.  Seriously, I ordered the kid this thing with homemade chips covered in cheese and sloppy joes.  Isn't that the dream toddler food?  None.

David and I started talking about the characteristics of ours that we see in Mac. 

From Me:
  • Stubbornness...and occasional crankiness :)
  • Love of sweets
  • Ability to figure things out mechanically (he's good at putting things together, etc...not a skill of David's)
From David:
  • Ability to ham it up all the time
  • Natural love of sports
  • Looks- David actually says "stunning good looks"

Makes me wonder what Little Tex will be like...

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Letter to Friends

I read this blog post this morning on Scary Mommy and I had to laugh. 

For those of you who don't like to click links, I've added the letter below.

Dear (insert name here),

I would like to say that I’m sorry.

I am so sorry that while you were telling me all about one of the most important parts of your day, week, year my two year old thought it would be a perfect time to take a massive poop and announce it to all who were in a 280 mile radius of us.

I am sorry that while we are trying to have a very serious conversation about real estate, politics, spouses, careers, reality TV, Dr. Visits, restaurant reviews, a new wine you recommend (do you have some with you now?!) home renovations, family, money, and vacations my two year old repeatedly yelled mommy at the top of his lungs until we both could no longer ignore it.

I am sorry that while we were trying to catch up about life in general my two year old was asking for a snack as if I haven’t fed him in 5 days, 6 hours and 3 minutes.

I’m sorry that by the time I got him said snack I literally forgot what we were talking about so we both put up the white flag and surrendered to the fact that we may never know. The conversation we were attempting to have has been put into a secret vault that only toddlers hold the key to.

I am sorry that the friend, sister, daughter, cousin, wife, niece, granddaughter who used to listen to you without any distraction is suddenly like trying to talk to a puppy, on crack, who just saw a squirrel and possibly has to pee.

Please take note that this is in no way a reflection of how I feel about you.

This is just me… oh crap my kid is chucking sand at another kid, oh shit he’s under water, oh my god how is he already up by the playground, HEY PUT THAT ROCK DOWN MR.!!!, What are you eating now??? Is it actual food??? Okay sorry where was I? And THIS is exactly what I mean.

Just know that I miss you and I promise when my child turns 33 I will be able to sit down and catch up on all the awesome things going on in your life.

Until then it’s literally going to be a crap shoot. I am left with no choice other than to tell you I will see you in 30 years, for now I surrender to the toddler.

My deepest apologies,


 This very well could be the truest thing I have ever read..except for that I'm not allowed to have wine right now, however much I would love it.

To confirm this, here is a picture of Mac roughhousing with a dog when we were having dinner at other people's home.  He jumped on the dog until the dog got threatened and then we had to physically separate them before someone got hurt.  Really, I was protecting the doc as much as I was Mac.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trains Trains Trains

On Sunday, we decided to take advantage of the beautiful, mild weather and go...ride some more trains.

I can't help it--the kid loves trains.  It's much more fun to take him to do something he loves than it is to force him to do something he doesn't.  For everyone.

Close to where I work, there is an old mini steam train railroad.  You ride about a mile out and back, all the while shouting, "ALL ABOARD!"  Wait... maybe that's just my family.  We like to shout all aboard in case people aren't clear that is what a train says.

Seriously, this kid loves trains.  We are considering a trip to a small town outside Chicago for some train museum and festival.  Because who doesn't want to drive 10 hours with a toddler to stare at trains?  I can't think of anyone :)

Mac was also invited to a birthday party at The Little Gym.  He loved it...much more than the trial class we did about a year ago.  It's making us think that we might switch back and forth between Little Gym and Soccer for Mac's athletic ability classes.
Mac also took the opportunity to show off his recently-learned drinking out of a cup without a lid abilities.
No one else took a picture of their kid drinking, which makes me think maybe this isn't that huge of a deal...but those other kids were older so whatevs.

Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm back!

As you probably didn't notice, I didn't blog for the whole summer.  I got lazy and tired...mostly because I'm pregnant! And we moved! And Mac turned two! And we had a summer of adventures!

So, first things number two is on the way and expected somewhere around November 20th.  And he's another little boy-which is awesome. David is especially pumped for "all the sports."  My biggest battle is trying to argue that we can't name the new little man Mizzou or Tiger.  I will win that one, so help me God.
This pregnancy has been as uneventful as the first...I'm still running but might hang that up fairly soon.  The only difference is that I'm more tired with less time for naps and shopping :)

And, moving!  Our new house is awesome--TONS more space and in a great subdivision.  It's out in St. Charles, so we are officially suburbanites.  We've been meeting a lot of neighbors and this house already feels so much more like a home than the last--maybe it's because I can see our family staying here long term.

And, I'm thrilled to be done packing and moving and unpacking.  I felt fine, but everyone freaked out anytime I lifted a we had piles for a while, which are happily gone now.  We still have a few pieces of furniture to buy...but furniture shopping with a toddler is a special part of hell, so we're in no hurry.

Mac Attack turned two!  We had his party at the Museum of Transportation, where you get to ride on a train WHILE LOOKING at trains.  And then you get to PLAY with trains.  It was his perfection.  The party was great.  Our old sitter made the cake and she rocked it like usual.

We had an amazing summer--probably our best yet.  This summer Mac was able to do things and actually interested in specific topics.  These include...


"Big Trucks"




Doctor appointments with Mom


Goats again

Ice Cream


Meeting his new cousin, Caroline



Sleeping in the car




Train tables


Water tables

Water Fountains
As you might have guessed, Mac and I had a summer full of adventure and fun.  I loved every second of it...and even managed to schedule in some couple time with David.

Sadly (really really sadly), I had to go back to work on Tuesday.  Mac started at his new preschool/daycare and David texted me this picture of the first day of school.
Needless to say, the expression on his face did not put me in a good mood.  But they said he was happy and charming before David got out of the parking lot.  By the second day, they said he had mastered drinking out of a cup without a lid and had been charming all the women.  My little ham :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I might..

... have all the sudden randomly stopped this blogging thing, but we've been spending a lot of time at the park lately.  Mac can go down big boy slides by himself!

He can also climb ladders!

Time totally well spent away from blogging...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

Sunday: Nothing, we were traveling.  I'm pretty sure I ate leftover pizza in the backseat of the car and David ate Taco Bell.

Monday: Turkey Burgers, Asparagus (bumped from last week)

Tuesday: Chicken Carbonara Risotto, Salad

Wednesday: Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce and Sausage, Salad, Rolls

Thursday: Turkey Meatloaf, Carrots, Mashed Potatoes

Friday/Saturday: Out...or we might grill something.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I, like many, have been thinking about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  As a runner, this hit home for me. 

Boston is the dream.  A few years ago, I was in Boston on race Monday and made David go to both the finish line and the race expo. 
I was in awe...because, as a not-very-fast-runner, the idea of qualifying seems like a nearly unobtainable goal.  It's the dream that I just might be able to accomplish if I really really commit myself to it.  To me, qualifying would have been evidence (in jacket and medal form) of a type of tenacity I haven't yet found in my running life.

The idea of attacking this even is horrifying.

Worse, though, is the attack on the spectators.  In both the marathons I have run (and most of the half marathons), family and friends have come to support me.  These people did not get up at an unholy hour and stand around in the cold for nearly five hours because they WANTED to-- they did it out of love and support. 

During my first marathon, one of my happiest memories isn't the finish line--it's spotting David a quarter of a mile from the finish line and having him run the rest of the way on the sidelines near me. 

In my second full marathon, the course was not crowded at all and there were many points when I was the only runner for a hundred yards or so.  There was a point when I was near tears from pain and exhaustion and a lady shouted, "YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK," to me.  I have no idea who this angel was--but I remember her words to this day.  She gave me encouragement when I needed it most.

My point is that attacking event is awful--but attacking spectators who are there in a show of love and support is beyond comprehension. 

My prayers to all those who were impacted by this act. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

Sunday: Turkey Sausage and Pepper Calzones, Roasted Carrots, Kale
Monday: Teriayki Pork Stir Fry
Tuesday: Turkey Burgers, Asparagus
Wednesday: Book Club!  We're doing a salad bar.
Thursday: BBQ Chicken Corn Chowder
Friday/Saturday: Out/Leftovers

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Race Day

On Sunday, I ran the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon for the 7th time (and I think that might have been my 10th Half Marathon, but don't know for sure) and it was more fun this year than last :)

David has been out of town at the master's until today (and can I just breathe a sigh of relief that he's back??) so I had my good from Henselface (real name: Laura) come over and spend the night.  She watched Mac in the morning so he wouldn't have to stay in his crib until I got home at 10.   Laura was a real lifesaver and was even understanding that I couldn't drink with her the night before a race.

Since Laura is a real gem, she even helped me watch a friend's infant that night (since, you know, we were going to be at home anyway, right?)... and stayed up with the baby until his parents picked him up.    I went to bed, because I'm cool like that.

I got up at 4:45, ate breakfast, and piddled around until leaving at 5:50.  I realized as I was driving to the race that this was my first year doing it ALONE.  Every year before I either had someone I was running with OR some spectators.  I have never driven myself before.

The race went pretty well.  I didn't have a time goal (since I knew I wouldn't PR) but I did want to do better than last year, when I was not happy with my training or my time.

Last year's time 2:44
This year... 2:10!

Yeah!  I shaved nearly 35 minutes off (that's over 2 1/2 minutes/mile faster!).  It wasn't as good as my all-time PR of 1:55 in 2010, but, hey, I'm a mom now.  Training is TOTALLY different when you have to squeeze it in around a toddler.

After the race, I ran into some people from work, which was nice.  HOWEVER, my family was running the Brew-To-Brew that day and my little sister kept texting me pictures of people that I knew in college and high school and haven't seen for AGES.  AND my family had matching Lyndon Veterinary shirts (that, ahem, no one got me).  Maybe next year I'll do the brew-to-brew and skip the Go!  Maybe, ideally, they won't be on the same weekend.

On a sidenote, yesterday morning I got an email that said race I clicked the link to see how I looked.  I don't buy them...but I sure like to look at them.  I got a little down because I looked pretty heavy in the pictures.  Then I realized that I didn't wear a hat this year--they were LAST YEAR'S PICTURES!  Bam!  I haven't seen this years, but I'm around 30 lbs lighter.  I did, however, wear the same shirt both years.  Must be my lucky shirt.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Meal Plan Monday!

Here's the meal plan!

Sunday: Crockpot Balsamic Beef Stew
Monday: Leftovers
Tuesday: Chipotle Chicken & Rice, Salad
Wednesday: Turkey Rice Casserole, Cooked Carrots
Thursday: Hearty Black Bean and Sausage Soup, Biscuits
Friday: Leftovers
Saturday: Out!  Never cook on a Saturday night!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a happy Easter yesterday! 

Our Easter week started last Saturday with our church Easter Egg Hunt.  Mac did surprisingly well for the first 90 seconds... then just wanted to dump the eggs.  Still fun, though.

He also got the opportunity to meet the Easter Bunny.  In light of his previous FREAK OUTS with sports mascots and the fact that we wanted him to be pleasant for the egg hunt, we didn't force a hug or a picture.  Mac chose to wave hello to him from a safe distance.  He kept staring at him and didn't seem scared, which is promising.

Since the hunt was at a park, we had some digging time.  Mac LOVED it.

 On Easter Day, we went to our church with David's family.  We got there super early because, even though there were 6 services, The Gathering can really pack the house.  Our Pastor Matt encouraged us to take a picture of the crowd and share on social media.

Mac dressed up for the an outfit my aunt bought for him for my sister's wedding with he was 2 months old... I think she purchased it for the vest and tie, but it worked out really well for today since the 2T suit fit perfectly.

 In fact, David and I dressed up too.  Don't we all look snazzy as a family?

 After church I made Easter Brunch for the family at our house.  It was SO MUCH less stressful for me than trying to keep Mac happy at a restaurant during nap time.  

Here was the menu...
  • Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper Quiche
  • Texas-Style Egg Casserole
  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • Turkey Bacon
  • Turkey Sausage Patties
  • Donuts
  • Crossaints
  • Orange Danish Rolls
  • Peach Cobbler
  • Lemon Cream Pie
Whew... needless to say, I was STUFFED when the meal was over.  Luckily, my mother-in-law Debra cleaned my kitchen.  We're the perfect match--I love to cook but hate to clean and she's the opposite.  Perfect!