Friday, May 29, 2009

Maggie Roo and Veronica Breadbasket

Our pets are in love.

Mostly with sleeping, but they're pretty darn fond of each other.

Maybe I need to make a flower kitty outfit too?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


On Friday, we went to the Cardinals/Royals game at Busch Stadium.

The Royals lost, scoring (surprise) ZERO runs...but that's cool. The game was still fun.

Here we are trying to look like we're really focused on the game. The lady next to us was concerned that we were cute and volunteered to take the next picture.

Make up would have been a good choice, Darcie.

I traveled to Kansas for the bulk of the holiday weekend, and Mom and I spent a lot of time shopping. We got her a dress, that I think would be lovely at the wedding or rehersal dinner. The skirt is a pretty gold color that can go casual or more formal pretty easily.

Dog Attack! (Don't read if you faint at blood)

So... David got bit by a dog yesterday. He's fine, but he's going to have some pretty awesome bruises and probably a little scarring.

Ironically, as I was driving back from Kansas, he said we were going to do something "American" to celebrate. He had envisioned buying Kentucky Fried Chicken and sitting in a park to eat it. I don't think he planned getting mauled by a dog and calling the cops on our neighbor, but that's still pretty darn American.
I took pictures of the wounds...cause I'm weird like that. This is after me cleaning it at home and deciding that Urgent Care was probably our best option.

Poor guy.

Friday, May 22, 2009


We got our engagement pictures back!

And I think we look mighty fine-- here's my favorite one.

It's amazing what a good photographer can do!

If you're looking for a photographer in the area, Kati is a science teacher at one of the schools I work at...and does an amazing job!

PS-- Yes, that is the same dress I wore to Tara's wedding. Sue me...I liked it and wanted to wear it multiple times. Thank goodness the wine washed out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bed Bath and Beyond--Where Love Goes to Die

On Tuesday, I called my sister in law and left a voice mail that said, "I hate registering."
See, on Saturday David and I traveled to the blackhole that is Bed Bath and Beyond. We went at like 10:30, thinking we would be done in time for a nice lunch together.
WRONG. By 1:30 we were still staring at various items, arguing over which white shower curtain we should register. Seriously? Neither one of us cared enough, but my blood sugar was low enough (I am cranky when I hungry!) that I was looking for a battle.
Poor David. He kept suggesting that we take a break to get lunch and I was already far too irrational to listen. :)

So we fled from Bed Bath and Beyond to the nearest Chipotle, where I ate an entire burrito and drank two massive Diet Cokes... then, as punishment for being "too picky" I forced David to go to Hobby Lobby.

I got sick in Hobby Lobby. Stupid burrito!!

As it turns out, Cher is a wealth of knowledge about registering and, after our conversation, I was willing to give registries another go.

Thank God for Target! It was so much more fun--the scanner worked (oh yeah, the BBB one was 1/2 broken) and was logical. We registered for fun things like a cat tie and dog toys (who is surprised???) and then David stole the scanner and I'm pretty sure he stuck other silly things on. It's cool... according to Cher, I can change the registry and bridal etiquette says I don't have to tell David. Shhhhh!!

I don't have a picture of this here's the very first picture of David and I together.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Congrats to Tara

This weekend David and I went to the fantastic wedding of Tara to Dan. Aren't they a lovely couple??

I had on my dancing (and drinking) shoes for this event... I'll let the pictures tell the story.

I'm so classy.

I'm not going to lie, Sunday morning was a little rough...but I made it to church (although I might have skipped if I wasn't already scheduled to count the offering) and was looking lovely in time for our engagement pictures Sunday evening. Since I planned to wear the same outfit for the photos that I wore to the wedding, I even managed to wash the splashed wine off of myself :)

Here's a shot of David doing a little personal grooming with my Ped Egg before the photos. That's my guy!


Let's hear it for Seanne! First guest to reserve her plane ticket to the wedding!
I promised Seanne a blog post in her honor because she is the most on the ball guest, reserving a plane ride AND her hotel room before the invites have even gone out.
Yay Seanne!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Guess what else came?

That's right... after opinions and urging from those bored enough to read this (thank God someone does!), I broke down and ordered the purple shoes.

And I love them.

But I'm not entirely sure they go with my dress is tea-length and simple, so it's got to be spot-on. Ok...maybe it doesn't HAVE to be, considering my history with fashion, but I would like for it to be pretty close. :)

So I'm toying around with the idea of wearing them for the engagement they go with the gray and white dress?? Can I wear them for engagement pictures AND the wedding??

Oooh... so many details.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Guess what came today??

That's right.... the invites!

And guess who is addressing these things all weekend? That's right, this girl.

Thank you Erin!!!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sharing photos

I'm a sucker for photos...I hate scrapbooking, but I love reliving moments and pouring over a photo album.  The digital age slightly saddens me, mostly because there's not the thrill of developing a roll and seeing if you captured something good or bad.  However, I do love how technology lets you share and comment on pictures.

Enter the shutterfly wedding website.

What I'm thinking is that I'm going to print up little cards and hand them out at the receptions.  That will give people our new address (of the home I'm buying!!  !!  !! Still excited!!  !!  !!) and then a link to this site to upload shots.   For a while, we were tossing around the idea of putting disposable cameras on tables, but the money and energy involved in doing that angers and exhausts me.
(I'm actually singing in this picture, but you get the idea.)

Plus, I'd want to convert those pictures to digital I figure I'm going to save a step and about $500.

My only fear is that this is it?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


So, I am a nerd. I fell in love with this pretzel dip that a secretary at work made and decided that I want to serve that dip and Gus's pretzels at the reception in St. Louis. The only issue is that the recipe Shelley gave me makes a TON of dip, but I had no way to guess how many servings that would be.

Thank God for basic math and kitchen scales.

I weighed my bowl, mixed up the dip, and weighed again....figuring out that the dip itself weighed 2 lb 3.4 oz. That's a lot of dip! Then I took it over to Tara's and shared (sadly, Jess doesn't like mustard/onions...uh oh). After 3 pretzels were gonzo, I figured we had eaten 4.1 oz of dip.

Sadly, at that point, I had too much wine in my system to divide.

It's cool, because I multi-tasked during church, and discovered that the recipe will make about 25 servings of dip. I'm going to say 20ish just to be safe.

It might not look delish, but this is the same dip that Cher managed to get all over my pants in a tornado of eating.

I also decided to make some truffles... kind of a test run on things I might give to shower hostesses or (honestly) just eat on my own.

I ate one and almost passed out...seriously, that's a yummy hunk of chocolate. I mashed up a package of oreos and mixed with a block of cream cheese before dunking in melted chocolate and sprinkling pretties on top. Easy...and heavenly.

The dogs stared at me the whole time. Silly puppies...dogs can't eat chocolate!

Engagement Pictures...and Flower Doggies

So, David and I are scheduled to take engagement pictures next Sunday, which lead me into a frenzy of figuring out what I should wear. Thanks to a night of wine with Tara and Jess (and a whole lot of fashion show changing while tying ribbons for Tara's wedding), we have narrowed it down to the following two options.

Neither one goes with my fancy new shoes...but that's ok.

Thoughts? Votes??

As far as to what David wears, I am happy as long as he shaves and doesn't wear Mizzou gear...which is highly unlikely. :)

Yesterday afternoon I got to crafting (and baking...but that's another post) and decided that Maggie Roo needed a tutu so I could visually decide whether she's a good flower dog candidate.

Notice the highly intent look on her face. She's not mad that I made her play fashion show with me...I'm just holding a treat in the air. That stare is full of hope. Hope and hunger.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Feet and Rings

So, I've decided that I want wedding shoes with a little personality. Mom and I picked out a pair of off-white, classy pumps the day we got the dress, but I'm feeling a little more unique--a bright color or something.

The problem is, I have the world's ugliest feet. Seriously...and, on top of naturally ugly feet, I am in the process of losing about 5 toenails due to the pounding of a half marathon in the rain. So I'm tied to close-toe options. In my head, it's also a slingback with a kitten heel. Here's the top two competitors online right now... both cheaper than the already purchased pair.

Thoughts on these?

Yesterday I popped into famous footwear and freaked out at how much I liked these lovelies...

Seriously, swoon. So I bought them, ignoring my upcoming toenaillessness. I'm figuring that I can probably wear them for engagement pics (to be taken 5/17) whatever outfit I choose for that will have to match. :) I drove across the street to Walgreens and bought a ped-egg and foot lotion. I hate pedicures, but I'm going to give some at-homing a try.

So pretty.

On another note, I decided that I don't want to put our rings on a silly little lacy pillow....but I worry about just shoving them in David's pocket (or down the front of my dress, ha). So I found this on It says "Be happy Be Loving Be True." I think I'll hang it in our bathroom or bedroom or somewhere.
I took all of these pictures on my just ignore the Maggie hair :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Reception Activity?

So... I kind of like this idea. I could print it on pretty paper and set them around at both receptions to give people a talking point and a little something to do in between bites of fried chicken.
Thoughts? Am I showing my nerd colors too much???

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm sleepy

This weekend I traveled to Chicago for a bachelorette party. (Yay Tara!!!) It was a fun, fancy-schmancy time, but this girl is too tired to be at work.

(Bridezilla needs her meat!!)

On the wedding front, my darling friend Erin has finished our invitations and they are heading to the printer!! Yay! Get excited for hours of addressing...I may be calling in some favors. Or drinking heavily.

I was going to add a picture of her wearing a hat that Momma Brownback knitted for her, but that doesn't happen to be on my work computer. I think this picture works, looks like we're slow dancing.
Also! I have a wedding photographer! Woooooooo........ finally!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Best Gift of My Life!

Last night, David finally got to cash in his long-awaited (yes, I say that with a huge amount of irony) anniversary present from me... tickets to see Flight of the Conchords at the Fox!!

It's such a pretty theater... I wish I had thought to take pictures inside.

Look how happy we are!!

The show was hilarious, even though I'm too cheap for HBO and haven't seen the television version.

Even better, David gave me a gift, which he had been describing all week as "life-altering" and "an experience more than a gift."

That's right--a commemorative race t-shirt with a picture of my Maggie Roo on the front. Notice how unlike a runner she looks. Poor baby.

I need to explain the back... after the race, I was telling David and his mom about how in Triathlons, there are special divisions for bigger participants. If you meet a certain weight requirement, you can enter in the "Athena" division for women and the "Clydesdale" division for men. We decided that Maggie most definitely qualified for the Athena Dog division... and, since we got 4th place overall in puppy-owner pairs, AND she was the only plump puppy, she WON the Athena Division!

Go Maggie Roo!