Sunday, August 30, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Guess which softball league won the championship? That's right, it was the one David and I played on!

Of course, I spent the entire last game praying that I wouldn't screw up and praying hard that I wouldn't be the last at-bat.

I didn't and I wasn't! Thank goodness for skilled softball players!

Our last tickets

On Wednesday, David used up the last of our Cardinals game tickets.It was a good game, although you wouldn't have known it if you were looking at the kid behind us. I think he pouted the whole time!
The Cardinals won...quickly, which was nice. It was a lot easier to go to night games when I didn't have to get up at 5:30 to go to work!
We're hoping to get in on some playoff there might be some more posts, if we're lucky!

Hometown Reception

We celebrated the last event in our wedding month this weekend with the hometown reception/hogroast.
It was a blast. Dr. Bob smoked 140 lbs of Boston Pork Butt (which is actually the shoulder, I learned) and 24 chickens on nothing but hickory wood and Mom and Dad ordered 15 30-packs of beer. We think somewhere around 200 people came over to the house--people I've known my whole life and hadn't seen in ages. Wonderful.
I didn't take a single picture at the party.
Not one.
It's a shame, but I'm hoping I'll get some emailed to me (hint, hint) or posted on
Here's hoping :)
I did, however, take pictures of the awesome mushrooms we found in the field.Huge!
And lots of them!They were gross on the inside......which I found out when David threw one at me. I love my new husband.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Honeymoon--The NOLA Leg

Once we got off the big boat and waited in line through customs, we were ready to explore New Orleans. Thankfully, my friend Jess had provided us with a detailed itinerary, we were never without lots of ideas for things to do.
First things first, though...we've got to go shopping and take silly pictures. I didn't buy this mask...I almost did, but then realized that I would have to store it. I hate storing things.

Notice David's fantastic ensemble. "Game Over" t-shirt hidden by the Mizzou Mardi Gras beads. Don't worry--we found K-State ones too!
Oh, and Zoltar is pretty cool too.

Ahhh, pretty church.
This was taken during the brief break in storms. It looks far clearer than it was!

And me, standing in some plants.
I don't know why either.

All around the city, we kept seeing people wearing Red Dresses. Turns out there was some race called the "Red Dress Race." (I bet I could have figured that out on my own.)
Anyway, Bourbon street was a mad house of drunken men and women in all kinds of snazzy red dresses.
Just a little overwhelming!
My first Louisiana Po'Boy... I love me some crab!
Even though the legs were kind of scary...

On the next day, we headed to the aquarium...luckily it was inside to we got away from the rain.
Get excited for tons of pictures of us posing next to stuff!
I liked the birds!
We had to wait for like 10 minutes to take a picture in the giant shark teeth!
Luckily, the line for the sea horse was much shorter...poor little guy! I liked him just fine!

Weird. Cute, but weird.
Picture alone...
Picture alone... Together!
David really wanted me to buy this shirt.
It reads, "The Nagging Will Continue Until Morale Improves."
I don't know what he's talking about--I never nag!
I got to pet a shark!
David decided that he would rather not :)
Standing in a aquarium tube...
Looking Sea-Lion-Riffic!
After the aquarium and a nice dinner at Acme Oyster House (deeee-lish!), we headed down to Bourbon Street. I had run 13 miles that morning, so the night before I vetoed the drinking.
That night, though, I needed one!
Grenade Man...looking...sleepy?
Oh hand grenade, how I loved you.
David's relationship was slightly more conflictual.
Yeah, we're happy.
We decided to document our wedding rings. First, we thought they could be really good weapons.
Then remembered how happy we were to finally have them!
I liked random signs...
Oh my goodness!And then we hung out on a balcony until it was finally bedtime.
Ooooh, and I ate a Lucky Dog on the walk back.

This is the only picture we have from our last day! We rode the trolley all the way and turned around and rode it back. It was fun, except for the horrific accident we witnesses (were, amazingly, no one was hurt) and the rain that started pouring the second we got off the trolley.
That's it! All the honeymoon pictures are posted! We had a great time, but were really ready to get back to life and settle into a routine.
Yeah, we're still waiting for that to happen!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Honeymoon--Day 5

Welcome to the fifth and final day of our cruise. We had a fun day, and just kind of lazed around the boat. I rode the big slide a few times (David only went once because the slide hurt his sunburn) and got a picture or two going down the shorter, faster one.Weeeeee!As usual, most of our pictures were taken at dinner. To celebrate/commemorate our final evening, we ordered Kahlua to go with our coffee. Yum, yum!I think this is the closest thing to art I have ever created. :)Dancing Queen...Young and Sweet...Ooooh Yeah.
(I obviously don't know the words to that song.)Our farewell sound from the good staff. The girl sitting next to us plotted to get Christian (guy on left) to be her friend on facebook. He was darling.We clean up nice! We played the *big* jackpot bingo. We lost.

The cruise was fun. I was sad that our last day was over, but we still had 3 days and 2 night to explore New Orleans before the honeymoon was officially over!