Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I took a sick day for myself on Friday...and I NEVER take sick days.

This one was totally worth it.  I was so miserable that I sent Mac to daycare and spent the entire day in bed.
I thought I might feel guilty sending him away when I was home.

Turns out, nope.  I was such a sick sad sack that Mac was better off away from me.

Thank goodness for daycare...and medicine.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby Outfit Fail

Yesterday when I picked Maclin up from daycare, this is what he was wearing.
Black Christmas shirt, brown pants, and black socks.

Obviously, David dressed him for the day.  Of course, I'm thankful that David takes such an active role in Mac's life, but I really do wish Mac looked more stylish when David takes over.

David's response to the outfit: Black and brown match.  Plus, that shirt fits nicely.

At least Mac looked thrilled about the outfit :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

My freezer

I think the best home purchase I've made has been our deep freeze.  I love it--mostly because I love being able to shop in bulk and store things I've made.
This month, I love it even more... because...
It's full!

From the top down, we have my selection of freezer meals, a bunch of milk (and some coffee), and BEEF.

Yes, beef. 
For Christmas, my parents got us a quarter of a cow.
It is awesome... I am REALLY excited for steak and roasts, and beef in general.

I am also super excited about my selection of freezer meals.  A few girlfriends and I each made a HUGE portion of two different meals, packaged into servings for 3, and traded.  I have 10 different ready-made meals with one bigger cooking day.  Last night we had quiche...totally yummy and not something I normally would have made on my own.

I'm pretty sure next month I'll heavily focus on beef for my meals :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012


The other night I took some pictures of Mac playing with one of his FAVORTE Christmas toys...look how hard he's concentrating!  It's a great little toy zoo that sings about penguins and giraffees, etc.

Taking pictures of that got me to thinking that I never shared one of my favorite Christmas gifts, which, incidentally, is from the same person who gave Mac his toy zoo, my grandma Stainbrook.

Grandma has always been a prolific quilter and was awesome enough to make Mac his baby quilt.  (Click this to see it)

This year, she decided to give away quilts she made over the years to her grandkids.  Luckily, I was at her house when she sorted them out and managed to snag the best one.  Best, of course, in my opinion...but it's pretty flippin' awesome.

I put it on our guest bed for the full effect....but ignore that the wall color clashes and the shams look weird.

Can you see it?  It's a church window pattern...made mostly from scraps.

Every bit of it is hand sewn.  It took FOREVER!

Ok, not literally forever, but from October of 1977 to April of 1980.

How lucky am I?

In fairness, I also received some other AWESOME holiday gifts... a kindle fire, a quarter of a cow, sparkly toms, jewelry, cash...but this one was the most meaningful to me.

Friday, January 20, 2012

6 months!

Mac is 6 months old today....and I cannot believe what a little man he is.
"Hand me the keys, Mom.  I've got a date."

As I mentioned yesterday, he's at the best baby age.  Right nwo he's on a mat on the floor, thinking about crawling...but mostly content to try to chew on the blanket and sing.

Geesh, I love that guy.

Ok, enough gushing... here's his monthly picture!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Best Baby Age

I have officially decided that Mac is at the best possible baby age.

He's smiling, laughing, sitting, playing but still immobile.   
That means I can plop him down, prop the boppy behind him in case he tubles, and do things like unload the dishwasher or start a load of laundry.

It's amazing.
Plus, he smiles like this when I put him down. 
That's pretty amazing too.

Not so amazing, is the impending teething.

I know, I know, I know... I've been claiming he's teething since he was 2 months old (or 2/3 of his life, for people that enjoy fractions), but I'm pretty sure I'm right this time.

His sitter agrees with me, which is all the validation I need.

He's chewing on EVERYTHING.

Drooling like crazy...

Has a snotty baby nose.
(I know, it's hard to see there, but it's GROSS.)

He's so snotty that he sounds like an old trucker when he nurses.

In spite of his gross factor, I still think Mac's at the best baby age.

Monday, January 9, 2012

It's entirely possible (and, heck, likely) that I'm biased, but I think Mac gets cuter every single day.

I mean, seriously... check out the dimples and grin.  I love dressing him like a preppy little man.

I also really really enjoy nakey baby time.
He's all greased up like a stuck pig.  I think that's the phrase--but, really, I have no idea what that means.

I also did an informal weigh-in at home for him (you know, holding him why weighing us together and then just myself) and I think he's around 17 pounds. 

I should have guessed--check out that gut :)

Thursday, January 5, 2012


My little man has really mastered the eating thing...he gets a little pissy when the food doesn't come fast enough.
Right now, his food consumption goes like this...
Breakfast: Cereal and a Fruit
Lunch: Cereal, a Veggie, and a Fruit
Dinner: Cereal, a Veggie, and a Fruit.

Crazy amounts of food.  No wonder he's close to 16 pounds now!

He's also started this whining thing where he doesn't cry when he wants something...he whines like a toddler.  Not endearing :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas... a bit late

According to my parents, I have not been good at blogging.  My father informs me that he checks in every day to see if there are new pictures of Mac and I am consistently disappointing him...sorry, Dad :)

At any rate, Mac had a great first Christmas.  He's just now reaching the age where he enjoys toys, which makes it so fun!  Granted, he doesn't know if a toy is "new" or not, but he does love having things to play with.

Here's my guy on Christmas morning, trying to understand what the heck was going on.
Yeah, I dressed him up.  You should have seen him with the silly hat on!

 Look, Mom, I can handle and play with things.
 He even managed to figure out the keyboard part of this toy.

He's a good sitter so far--but I've been putting my boppy behind him in case my reflexes aren't quite fast enough for the inevitable tumble over....

And, I think we're getting closer and closer to teething.  Check out the drool below.

We spent Christmas in St. Louis and planned to travel to Kansas for New Year's.  I was off the week between, but David had to work.  Originally, he thought he might be off on the Friday, but had to work.  I decided to fly to Kansas on Wednesday (my parents were already at the airport picking up my sister and brother-in-law).  Mac did amazing on his first plane ride!  He drank a bottle and fell asleep for the whole 55 minute flight.  Thank goodness!

Kansas was great--I didn't manage to take many pictures, but we had a blast seeing relatives.  My cousin got married on New Year's eve, and we went to the reception all decked out in our finest.
Even Mac, who for some reason is chewing on a water bottle, looked snazzy in his argyle sweater, dress shirt, and khaki's.  Too bad we didn't manage to party until midnight!