Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day!

We had a great Memorial Day weekend!  The weather was beautiful and we got to go to our friends'-Clint and Jen's-wedding reception in Topeka.
Clint was my older brother's roommate at K-State...but then he and I both got Masters at Wash U and ended up hanging out.  He and his wife, Jen, got married in Key West.
The reception was a hoot--Clint's father is Jewish so they did the traditional wedding dance on chairs.
I think getting to carry Clint around might have been Kyle's happiest moment to date.

On an aside, I am very proud of how well David and I cleaned up for the event.
Kyle was a little too busy texting to pose for my silly pictures.

Luckily, he pulled it out in the end.
Actually, Kyle and Cher moved to Kansas City (from Providence) the day of the wedding--I was really impressed that Cher was organized enough to look stellar at the reception.  
She was even social...despite her warning me at the start that she might not be :)
David found a Missouri flag outside.
I'm a sucker and took his picture.

Sunday we hung out with the parents.
Maggie got to go for a swim at the family pond.  She STUNK to high heaven, but that was my holiday present to her.  

Normally, Maggie doesn't get presents... so I was proud of myself for being a good fur-baby-momma.
Then we went to the Melvern Lake swimming beach.
Mom and I got a sunburn.  David got pooped on by a bird.
Dad napped on the ground.

It was a great weekend--we were busy but relaxed.  I even managed to run a total of 20 miles over the three days--how about that?  I did 10 miles on Saturday, 4 on Sunday, and 6 today.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Trivia Night Recap

Jess emailed out some pictures from trivia night...and I thought I would share!

Look how handsome our MC was :)

Here's me as a happy judge...
And as forceful judge...

Wednesday night, all of the organizers got together to celebrate our success.  What a great group!

I wish the weird man had been part of our team too :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


It's the first day of summer break!  I am so happy.

I had plans to sleep in until 3pm...but, seriously, we all knew that wasn't going to happen. 
I'm not good at sleeping's something I'm working on.

Anyway, I got up early, went on a run, and decided to tackle our backyard.

You see, along our fence line, there's a ton of bushes and trees--none of which appear to be growing on purpose.  We've got tree-weeds.

So, I came outside, armed with a shovel and some hedge shears.

After an hour, I had this.
Better...but not done.  
I realized that I needed to buy a saw or hatchet or something more powerful than my shears.
On a side note, I am ashamed of Maggie.  I spent a long time outside working on things.  I invited Maggie out with me...but she chose to sit in the basement doorway instead.

Come on, Roo.

The hacksaw was amazing.

Look at all my debris!

 Maggie was mad at me for making fun of her.
She sure showed me.
Doesn't it look better?
Tomorrow... I'm going to try to dig up some of the roots and make it even better.
I'm also going to try to figure out why some previous owner planted random rocks and bricks in the yard.

Maggie and I made she wanted to show off the pile of debris!

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I can play the jug



Last night, we had a happy hour celebrating the retirement AND 60th birthday of this guy:
And it was fun.
I like to pose for pictures.
I also spent a lot of the evening trying to convince people I can play the jug.
They didn't buy it.
Man, playing the jug is not a good look for me.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sculpture Park

Tomorrow's the last day of work before summer break and I am SWAMPED!  
I'm trying to crank out last minute reports...but am waiting for data to come in.  
So...I've been working a lot from home this week :( Boo.
I will be a better blogger when I don't have to go to work.

On to the meat of my post:
Last weekend, the weather felt like summer for the first time since, well, last summer (I'm so clever). 
David had a class from 8-5 on Saturday, but I convinced him to trek outside with me on Sunday.

We went to the Sculpture Park.  

Mostly, because it's free.
And, as I told my mom last night, "We's poor."
I didn't tell my mom that in reference to the Sculpture Park, but the quote seems to fit.

I'll just stick in some pics... I don't really think you need a running commentary.
Ok, this last picture needs commentary.
It makes me sad.
Why?  This park is awesome and FREE.  Why deface signs?


Commentary done.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


David and I went to our first Cardinal's game of the season last night. 
I had missed going to games together--baseball is my favorite sport to watch, mostly because I'm allowed to talk through entire games. :)

I tried to take a picture to commemorate the occasion.
David, for some reason, was watching the game.  Apparently, some guy named Hanley was playing.
Apparently, we hate him.

Eh.  I just like talking about which players are cute.
(Woooo Matt, Skip, and Joe!  Cu-ute!)
Take two.  
Better, but still distracted.
Check out the view from our seats!
Pretty good for free tickets, huh?