Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Careful, he doesn't have dental insurance!

Saturday, David and I had an appointment with Al at South Broadway Athletic Club to finalize things for the reception. As we drove up, David read the marquee and about had a panic attack.

South Broadway Athletic Club was hosting wrestling that night! David quickly bought two tickets and reserved ring-side seating... I wasn't entirely sure I was interested, but I'm a good sport.

First, though, I had to go tie-dye a shirt at a Breast Cancer Benefit. The bar lived up to stereotypes about tie-dye wearing people by using creative spelling...

Pic'n Lic'n is spelled correctly, as far as I know :)

From the bar straight to the locale where we will formally celebrate our love...but set up for wrestling.

We sat near a group of guys who heckled the entire time...to my delight and "true" fans dismay. The girl sitting in front of us informed her boyfriend, "Hey Curtis, I think we's sitting by a bunch 'o mo-rons."

The wrestler here is named Shaft...and the grandma below was not his fan.

There he is, reacting in shock as she slaps her rump and tells him to "Kiss This, Shaft!"
The guy with the face paint was fighting one of the "LumberJacks" who were brothers who won some tag-team thing...I like the tights paired with the flannel.
Here, Destiny Diamond is fighting some other girl...maybe called Alexis or something. They only lasted 4 minutes, but happened to be a crowd favorite :)

During this fight, someone in the crowd heckled the little guy, calling him a dwarf. Dwarfy got upset, shouting "Shut up" back to the crowd.
The other guy was informed that Steak and Shake wanted their pattern back...but he took the heckling like a man.
Captain Underpants here was the main event...but his match ended in a draw. Seriously...isn't this made up wrestling?? How can they not pick a winner??
Got to love the paper mask.

Moon Dog loses to another of the Lumberjacks...but Moon Dog barked every time he got slugged.

It was fantastic.
I'll say this last part, at the risk of sounding like a snob. I've never been in a room before where I felt like I was the most attractive person there. However, on Saturday, David and I were, hands down, the most attractive people in the room.
You decide.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Zoo Date Night!

David and I decided to go to the zoo yesterday...which was officially labeled "ZOO DATE NIGHT!" Getting there was a bit of a struggle, mostly because I forgot that it was Shakespeare in the Park that night and parking was a nightmare. I don't deal well with driving around aimlessly.

Fridays are Jungle Boogie at the Zoo, where bands come in and play for free...but we first had to go see the tigers. Apparently, even if it weren't for Mizzou, David would still think of them as the Kings of the Jungle. No lions for David!

It's a tiger.
It's David looking at a tiger. Awesome.

The lady who took this picture for us was very very excited that the Rhino cooperated.
Good job, Rhino.

I have a thing about taking pictures of animal butts... but it's far more mature than the kids near us who were screaming, "HIPPO! HIPPO BUTT!"
"That rhino is so good looking that I have to frown."

David and I actually had a long debate about this monkey and whether he was sitting in a pile of poop that had a pudding-like skin on it, or if his butt was weird.
Think it was a weird butt.
Right before this picture I was dancing around singing, "I hate every ape I see, from Chimpan-A to Chimpanzee." That's my hatin' face.

I think Smarty Pants finally made a monkey out of David. Yes, they finally made a monkey out of David.
I love these two pictures. In the first, one, David's trying to look like a bad-ass....something that's difficult when you're 28 year old man who is excited to go to the zoo on a Friday night. In between the pictures, some random person complimented my dress...that made him laugh because he had lectured me on how it wasn't "zoo appropriate" before we left.
I showed him!
Because he was wrong about the appropriateness of my zoo attire, he gets to go live with his kind.
Yep, the Somali Wild Ass... kindred spirits.
Again, another attempt to look tough at a zoo. Did he pull it off?
I don't care who you are, giraffes are freaky.

So are ostriches. They want to eat your face. You can see it in their eyes.

Up next to the Hippo pool (where the kids were screaming HIPPO! HIPPO BUTT!)

MWUAH! David loves the hippo.
I think this hippo bears a striking resemblance to someone else I know...

Wait, that's not the Hippo's butt!

And then I found a giant cockroach. Lovely.

After getting tired of the animals, we wandered back over to see the band. We were blessed with a creepy lady in a ballerina costume.

Of course, not everyone at the zoo was as interested in the animals/crazy dancing ladies as us....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Good Uncle

"Life is Good When You've Got An UNCLE Like Mine"
Danna says this is probably the only time Baby Liam will fit in this outfit...

Monday, June 8, 2009

Welcome to Craftapolis

Lately, especially since I'm off work for the summer, I've been reading FAR too many wedding blogs. These are bad news bears for me. I see some amazingly creative girl who has mad crafting abilities and decide that I can make that too. We're talking girls who hand-sew their aisle runners and letterpress (I don't even know what that means) invitations, thank yous and seating for every single guest after hiring calligraphers to address the invitations.

These girls are not me.

Despite this, I continue to try...even though the result is a random feather living on my dining room table.

Here's the flavor labels for the cupcakes. They match the cupcake stands I made... those aren't done because the paint chips when they're moved...so I'm waiting until after we close on the house :)

I also made a hair do-bob. I'm going to try making a floppy flower by hand so this might not actually make the cut.

Here's guest books that I made...the first attempt didn't work and I was too furious to take a picture. Turns out that Elmer's glue makes fabric see-through.

The other option for guest book is one that Mom bought at Hallmark. I can return...votes?

I also sewed some thingies for the girls that are helping me out...but since they're probably the only people who read this drivel, no pictures here :)

Thanks to my friend Jess, I did take a break from wedding central to take Maggie Roo (and her puppy Franklin) to the dog park. Maggie loves the pool!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I might need to get a summer job

So...I managed to be pretty constructive today.

Constructive, not productive.

Veronica as flower kitty?

Look how well she and Maggie match...

Matt, our Pastor, didn't think that Maggie as flower dog would be an issue... I wonder if adding Veronica to the mix would change his vote?

School's Out for Summer!

Welcome to Thursday, my third official day off work.


It's like heaven.

Actually, I've been sleeping far too late and not being as productive as I had imagined... I set my alarm for between 6:30 and 7 everyday, fully expecting to get up and run.

Yeah, right.

I have been doing the running thing, but it's usually been happening closer to noon or, um, 3. Ha.

Wedding stuff is coming along, though.... we mailed out (most) of the invites to the St. Louis reception on Tuesday and only have a few left for the Lyndon reception to address. I made flavor labels for the variety of cupcakes and started making guest books (a project that I will probably scrap b/c they look stupid).

On a personal note...David's nephew, Liam, was baptised on Sunday. We were almost (but not quite) late for the church ceremony because David spilled coffee on his shirt and we got lost (typical, huh?). It turns out that this was good because we missed the pastoral instructions not to take pictures during the ceremony. Heh, heh...
I'm too much of a goody-two shoes to flat out defy anyone (especially a pastor type) but since I didn't know, we got pictures!