Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We're back from San Francisco...and it was a great time. Seriously, it was one of the best trips I had been on in a long time.

Friday evening, after Mom and Grandma had arrived at the hotel, we decided to load up and ride a trolley down to fisherman's wharf.

Cute, huh?David had some amazing crab, and I have to say that I was pretty darn jealous...especially since I was trying to carb it up :)

Just kidding...I love carbs. A lot.Saturday, David and his mom went to Alcatraz, while Grandma, Mom, and I opted to take a bus tour around town... I was trying to save my legs and a bus tour was just the ticket.

Plus, I got to take this amazing picture at the bridge AND go see the Ghiradeli Chocolate Factory (because chocolate is a carb, right?).Then I took Mom and Grandma over to Nike Town (where we did more than our share to boost the economy). Can you find my name on the wall? I'll give you a hint... I registered before I was married, so it's not my married name...Then I freaked myself out by looking at the giant race course map and noticing that mile 6 to 7 was all uphill.

Glorious. Just glorious.We went out to dinner that night and I ate spaghetti with a side of steamed potatoes.

Ugh, I felt bloated and full...but I fell asleep dreaming that the race was already over and I had survived.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up to realize that I had not run it yet.


Here's me, posing and waiting for the race to start.And David, fully supporting me, like always.The starting line was a madhouse...and pitch dark. Here I am, finally reaching the starting line about 17 minutes after the race started. I had to walk all the way to that point, so I still look happy and refreshed.The faithful supporters loaded up on a school bus and headed off to support me at various stops along the way.Here's mile 11, where the full and the half split. I seriously considered just taking the half path and claiming that I got confused.Notice how fresh and happy I still look at mile 11? That only lasted about 2 more seconds...then I realized that I had about 15.2 more miles to run.And there I go... already sweating through my clothes. The girl in blue was also from St. Louis...her name was Kelly and we chatted for about 15 miles. I also talked to a lady who had Swine Flu all last month and was still running. Yikes!Here's the finish line... what a beautiful sight.And here I come...running like my life depends on it.I'm finished...back off, because I need a bagel.And a free Tiffany's necklace (yes!).And a hug.Here's my "official" time... Four Hours, Thirty-Nine Minutes, and Thirty-Six Seconds.
You'll notice that I ran .32 miles extra while weaving in and out of walkers.I'm so happy that it's over.My darling finisher's shirt. I totally earned it :)David thought this picture would be funny.
I was willing to agree to anything to get to an ice bath.Mom bought me these new shoes. They kind of look like slippers...but they were so comfortable. I may never wear anything else.
Never.After the race, they changed the sign from "Run Like a Girl" to "Ran Like a Girl." Of course, I had to patronize Nike again :) They had finishers' apparel for purchase!!!
We had a nice dinner the night after the race... pizza that only required the trek up one giant hill. Good conversation and complete exhaustion :)
The next day, Mom and Grandma flew out early. David, Debra, and I had some time to kill before our flight, so we had a late breakfast at a cute diner. Then we headed to the airport...only to find that our flight was delayed. By 3 hours. Getting home after 1am was a little rough, especially since I get up at 5:30 for work. However, the return was made so much easier because Debra gave me her FIRST CLASS seat.
We're talking about heaven here, folks. I got some awesome food (ice cream!) and wine. David asked how many glasses I had...but I had no idea. They never let my glass get empty, so I maintain that I only had 1 glass. Alcohol welcomed me back with open arms.

Move over wedding pictures...

...new favorites are in town!
In San Francisco, we found a favorite sign...and Grandma got excited :)
I might blow these up and frame them :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

California...we've arrived!

David, Debra (David's Mom), and I have arrived in San Francisco! My race number is 3191...and I am terrified for Sunday.

My terror, though, was abated by finding my name on the wall of names at Nike town.
Woooo hooo Nike Town! Won't you take me to Nike Town (Nike Town).

Yeah, that made no sense.

This picture is for Cher... She ran a marathon not too long ago and David made this sign because he thinks he's funny :)

Sorry Cher...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Visitor

Guess who David and I got to watch today? That's right, Liam!

After a few uncomfortable minutes where hairy, bearded David made a face at Liam (oh yes, tears), everyone was happy and loving. The funny thing is...that was the only time I have ever seen Liam cry. Not during our wedding, not when I was babysitting him and forced a nap. He's not a cryer. Unless, of course, hairy Uncle David makes a crazy face :)

I think the meal really helped them overcome their differences.

Well, everyone was loving except for Maggie. I'm pretty sure she was suffering from Look-at-me-I'm-cute-too-itis. So she got some camera love too.

It looks like her eye is going to pop out. She gets really excited about a belly rub!

Ok...back to pictures of Liam!

So... I am cheap. I hate wasting/spending money when I feel like it's unnecessary or there's a cheap or free alternative. So we haven't turned on the heat yet. It's not THAT cold out...nothing that can't be battled by sweatpants.
David, on the other hand, claims his life is over. I think hats mean it's time for heat...but I'm holding out until we get home from the marathon.
At work yesterday, I got a nice surprise.... Nancy (my old supervisor) gave me this cute mug!
Isn't it great? It's filled with Gu and 5 hour energy (which I might do AFTER the race or on my way back to work Tuesday morning).
And, finally, more Liam. He's just darling!