Friday, April 30, 2010

Basement Blood Bath

Apparently, at some point this week somebody (or somekitty, rather) hurt her paw.  I realized this when I went into the guest room and saw splotches of blood all over the bed spread and the window sill where she likes to hang out.  I got it cleaned up, but har-umphed about the hassle.

Then I went to the basement.

And was greeted by this.
Yeah. that's blood.


There's a little more...
Some on the couch...
And a little more on the couch.

And, you know, I don't think Veronica Breadbasket feels bad at all.

After I realized she was bleeding, I went in search for her.  

I found her on top of the deep freezer, napping in a box of David's chips.
(I moved her to the dryer for the photo).

Yeah, she's not sorry.

Note: Veronica is fine.  Bleeding stopped after she tracked blood through our entire house.

I'm not fine.  I've got to clean up this mess!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maggie-Roo, Exercise Fool

I decided to be brave last night and take Maggie Roo with me to Boot Camp.  I always feel bad leaving her at home after I rush in to change and rush out.

I know she's a dog, but I have guilt issues.
You would too if you had this face staring at you.

Anyway, the instructor told me it was ok before I brought her and I have no fears about her behavior.  Maggie actually did fantastic.  We ran down to the Arch and ran back.  While at the Arch, Maggie sat on the ground while I did the various exercises.

What are your thoughts?  Is it tacky to bring my pooch to group exercise classes?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boston and Providence...

On the 16th, David and I flew to Boston.  I was going for a friend's bachelorette party, since I (sadly, horribly) can't make the wedding.  

It's a tragic tragic reality of being a grown-up.  You can't just skip work when you don't have vacation days.

Anyway, David tagged along.  He was planning on staying with Kyle and Cher and seeing the historic sights of Boston.  Just kidding.  David went to sporting events.  Who's shocked??

Cher picked us up from the airport Friday night and we went with her back to Providence.  Since Kyle had to work all weekend (lame) we went to a late dinner with Cher.  Back at their apartment, Baxter attempted to entertain me by loving on my feet.  Kind of creepy...

The next day, we went in to Boston together.  David and Cher had tickets to the Celtic's playoff game.  After a quick lunch at Cheer's (and a pit stop to buy some sale jeans), I headed off to the bachelorette's.

Once there, we groomed.  The theme was Jersey I wore a bump-it, bronzah, and WAAAAY more makeup than I'm comfortable with.
Note to readers: this is not her's normal face.  This is her Jersey Shore face.
She's usually WAY cuter.  And less orange.

Note our AWESOME shirts--A little too low-cut for daily wear, but still darling.  

I also bought some new shoes for the event...
Ugh.  My calves are not photogenic.  But you get the idea.

After a fantastic dinner and, um, wine, we traveled to a drag show.
And, man oh man, was I excited.  
(Also, I put on fake tats.  CLASSY!)

You would be excited too.  Those drag queens were fantastic...far better than the LAST time I went to a drag show. 
Hmmm... that's an interesting sentence.

Sadly, horribly, I spilt a drink on my phone at the show.  
My phone died.
It couldn't handle the fun.

After the show, we headed to some club. 
I danced like it was going out of style.

Yes, that's my outfit.  
I was so proud of myself.

My friend found another bachelorette...and informed her that our theme was better than hers.

I think she agreed.

Another shot of the bump-it.  And the male friend in the same shirt.
He was a trooper.

The next day, after copious amounts of water, I met up with David and want to a Red Sox's game.

Why?  Because I am a darn good wife.  That's why.

It rained the whole game, but David was a GENIUS and got us tickets under the over-hang.

We ate some clam chowder...because it seemed like a risky idea.

You know... lukewarm clam chowder bought from a walking stadium vendor.

Eh.  We lived.
The highlight of the game was the chilly Asian man sitting in front of us.  
He wore two hats, two scarves, and a full coat.   Resourceful!

After the game, David forced some photo-ops.

But that's cool, because I forced him to walk by the Boston Marathon Start/Finish on our way back.

OMG.  Someday, somehow I will be fast enough to run this.

Right?  A girl has to dream.

Monday, April 26, 2010

All Better

I'm feeling 100% better since Friday... I even managed a run or two this weekend.  I'll be back to writing about the boringness of my daily life soon.

I know you can't wait.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Rough Week

I've had a rough week... since getting back from Boston, I've been feeling gross and ouchy and crampy and weird.  After, um, 4 days of this...David talked me into going to the doctor. 

My doctor sent me to the ER.

After a few hours, it turns out I've got some ovarian cysts.


At least it's not appendicitis, right?  AND no surgery.  Yay!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Boston/Providence/Dead Phone

I have returned from Boston and Providence.  It was awesome...but I am swamped and won't have time to post for a while.  Boooo.

Also, I killed my phone at a drag show.  I am using an OOOOOLLLLLDDDDDDD mammer-jammer that I hate right now.  Luckily, I've got a hook up and will be changing cell phone companies and service for a much cheaper plan.  It's a blessing in disguise that my phone died!

More updates later...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Last Friday, I volunteered at a program through Big Brothers Big Sisters called Diva for a Day.  
Basically, girls were invited to a day of pampering where they picked out a prom dress, got their makeup, hair, and nails done, and bedazzled like crazy before posing for a photo shoot.
I fell in love with all of the prom dresses. Shopping for a prom dress in high school STRESSED ME OUT, but looking at all the sparkles and fluff made me happy.  Maybe because I'm not going to prom. :)

I mean, seriously.  Look at these options!

I found one that I totally would have rocked if I were 17.
Really, I think I missed a golden opportunity by not choosing a dress like this for my wedding.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crockpot Fiesta! And... softball!

Every week, people at my high school take turns providing lunch for the rest of the loft.  This week, Cathi, Jana, and Joy went above and beyond.  It wasn't just that the food they provided was a scrumptious fiesta...

No sir, they stepped it up.  These lovely gals had costumes to boot!
That's a lot of pressure for the rest of us!

On a completely separate note... the South Sluggers softball season "opened" last night--on the same day as the Cardinal's home opener.  I know you're all shocked that I 1a) know when the Cardinals play and 2b) made this connection.
Anyway, we played our arch rivals, Weber's Front Row.  In a close game, I managed to hit the ball every time I made it to bat and even made it to first once!  That's right... I FINALLY made it on base--and then made it all the way around the bases to score a run.

I know, I know.  I'm amazing.

Actually, I was pretty amazed that we won the game--4 out of the 6 girls on the team had run the half marathon the day before, so we were a little sore collectively.

And here's your required cute picture... well, it would have been cute if my arm didn't look all freaky.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Go! St. Louis 1/2 Marathon

I ran my 3rd half marathon yesterday--it was a beautiful day in downtown St. Louis.

Before the race, I met up with some of the people who work for my school district.  A couple of guys had organized group training runs--so we called ourselves Team Parkway.  It was great to see familiar faces before the run and yell encouragement.
I left my camera with David, and he did a good job documenting various stages of the race... even though he never managed to see me during the race.  Debra (my MIL) commented that she got up at 4am to watch me and never managed to see me.  Boo!

Here the elite runners take off.
Note: I am not one of the elite runners.  :)
Some of the not-so-elite runners.  Still not in these pictures, but cool none-the-less.
It was a fairly warm day for a race (highs in the upper 70's) and lots of people were collapsed along the race course.  Scary!  One of my friends even passed out at mile 11 and had to get an IV.  She's fine, but that's terrifying!

My goal was to finish the race
1a) Faster than in previous years
2a) Ideally, under 2 hours.

In 2008, I ran the race in 2:04:23
In 2009, my time was 2:02:25
This year, 2010, my time was....

My "chip" time was actually 1:55:48...but I stopped to use the rest room and paused my Garmin.  I'm going to totally use my Garmin time as my "official" time.  Because it's better and I'm greedy like that.  Either way, though... my time was under 2 hours!!  I think my pace/mile was roughly 8:39 minutes/ mile.  At least, that's what the Garmin says.  Garmin also says that I ran like 13.25 take my pace with a grain of salt.
After the race, I met up with some Parkway people again...and searched for David and Debra.  Apparently, I didn't communicate my post-race meeting plan very well.  I ended up borrowing a cell phone and calling my own phone (which David was carrying) in order to find them.  Notice all the snacks I'm carrying--I have a hard time turning down the free stuff they offer you after the race, even though I didn't eat any of it.

 We took some family race shots before heading back for a shower (which I needed--check out my sweat monster face!).

All in all, it was an amazing day.  Now I just need to find another race--I love this experience!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Trivia Night

If anyone that reads my blog (yes, all 10 of you.  Oh, celebrity) is interested in going to a trivia night on 5/15...let me know.

David's the master of ceremonies AND we have an open bar.  You know it!

Details below!

First question…ARE YOU READY?

WHAT: TRIVIA NIGHT to support Shalom House, a residential program that supports homeless women through innovative programs and supportive services designed to stabilize and rebuild lives.

WHEN: Saturday, May 15th. Doors open at 6pm and trivia begins at 7pm

WHERE: Crestwood Elk’s Lodge located at 10261 Bauer Road St. Louis, MO 63128

Tables of eight are $200 and include an open bar, soft drinks and light snacks
Also available: silent auction, raffles, and prizes
To reserve a table or for more information, email or call (785)230-9320

You can also email me directly.  I'm your point person :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Friday

It's Friday!
No one is as happy as me.... no one.
This weekend is going to be great.  I'm sure of it.  It's already started off good due to book club (and Laura's awesomely decorated apartment) last night.  Tonight, I'm heading Diva for Day, where I'll help girls in Big Brothers Big Sisters find prom dresses... I'm in charge of shoes/accessories.  Yay!
Tomorrow, I'm going on a short run, heading to the farmer's market, picking up my race packet with Susan, and going to Ruth Chris's steakhouse for dinner (thank you, Debra!).  I'll try to go to bed early...because race day is Sunday!

Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


I've had a crazy week... and I'm so thankful it's almost over. As of leaving work today, I've gone to 9 meetings (Monday through Thursday, but still), gave one presentation to team leaders, and sat on an interview panel for four different people.

Thank goodness this week was the week I tapered with running--I don't think I could have fit in a full running schedule without getting up at 3:30am.

Happily, tonight is book club (yay!!) and I only have one meeting on Friday.

I am totally doing nothing (except, you know, the half marathon) this weekend.  Here's to a lazy Saturday!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Softball Season's Opening Day

Yesterday was scheduled to be the opening day for the South Sluggers... the co-ed softball team David and I play on (well... David plays, I sit on the sidelines hoping that I won't strike out).

Apparently, there was a ton of rain while David and I were in no softball, due to wet fields.

We were super we played a bit of catch in the front yard.

I was secretly relieved--I had gone on a run at about 4pm and was OVERHEATED when I got home.  Apparently, my body hasn't had time to get used to the muggy warmth we're having here.  A week and a half ago, we had freezing rain and I was wearing a coat and hat.  Yesterday, I ran in a tank top and running skirt.
Poor Maggie... her running season only lasted a couple of weeks!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

David and I traveled to Lebanon for the Easter weekend... it was a trip that's long overdue, considering that this is only my third trip to David's hometown AND it's very close to some serious outlet malls.

Yay!  Shopping!

Since it was a family/holiday weekend, we (I) decided that Maggie RooBearski should be allowed to visit with us (note: I consider Maggie a family member and Veronica merely a pet) so she got loaded up in the car along with David's golf clubs and my running supplies.

All in all, we had a good weekend.  Dan and Debra and great hosts, so it would have been hard not to be great.  David golfed and watched sports, I went running and shopping, and Maggie slept.  Actually, I forced Maggie to go on run Sunday she probably didn't have a superb weekend.  Oh well.

Sunday, Lent finally ended and I got to chew some gum.  It was heaven... I totally missed gum.  I think I've gone through more than a pack already, and I love it.  

I love gum.  David hates it.  We're already squabbling :)

We decided that we were looking so snazzy after church on Sunday that we need to take some photos.
Ahhh... what a darling family :)  
This might have to be our next Christmas card... or maybe a dual facebook profile picture.

Probably not a dual facebook picture.  It kind of weirds me out when couples do that.

I was going for a very senior-picture type moment here... do you think I pulled it off?
Happy (late) Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Goals

I'm going to try to start setting goals every month on here...because maybe writing them down and fearing being judged will motivate me to finish them!
Yeah, random picture.
In my head, this one is kind of like "goals"

1.  Keep working out 6 days a week, even after the half marathon is over.
2. Branch out exercise to more than just running.
3. Find/register for fall running event.
4. Make a real dinner 3 nights a week...not just cottage cheese and crackers.
5. Rip out ugly bushes in front yard and make the front porch pretty.
6. Walk Maggie 5 days a week.
7.  Try to get Maggie (and me, while I'm at it) to drop 5 lbs.
8. Plant a herb/veggie garden.  Because I have a yard!!!
9.  Run my half marathon in under 2 hours.
10.  Attend Seanne's bachelorette party in Boston (ok, not a goal...more of an event.  But I wanted 1 more to make it an even 10).

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