Monday, September 27, 2010

Wine Fest!

On Saturday, my darling friends Jess, Tara, and I went to the wine fest at Forest Park.

It was a beautiful day (especially considering how cold Sunday was!), but it was even better to get to spend time with my friends... I haven't seen them much lately (remember how marathon training is ruining my social life?) and it was good just to catch up.

We sampled bunches of wine.  Tara and Jess tried a wide variety while I stuck with my known and loved Riesling (or just sweet white).  I know what I like... and that's for my wine to taste like sugar.

And that's how this happened... I was telling a vendor my wine preference and then we started talking about K-State.  
Then he gave me a bottle.  I'm pretty sure this was not sanctioned wine fest behavior, but I was thrilled!

So... after I finished that I headed back and told him he was my favorite.  We decided a photo was in order...
...and then he gave me another bottle.  

I was so happy.
Since I had two bottles, I gave my free beer tickets to Jess and Tara... I was not in need of beer.

We had dinner and then David picked me up...  
Driving was not in my future Saturday.  Since I had run 15 miles that morning AND I hadn't had a drop of alcohol since Labor Day (geesh, I'm getting old and boring!), it hit me rather quickly.  
Luckily, my husband is UBER protective.

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