Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I caved.

After reading Born to Run, I decided that I wanted to try out this whole barefoot running thing.

Read the book.  You'll want to as well.

After reading it, I started seeing people wearing the "barefoot running shoes" almost every time I went for a run.

I became very, very jealous.

So I went and purchased a pair of Vibram Fivefingers.  

Aren't they cute?

OK, not really, but I think they're kind of fetching.

Only problem... this is my second pair.  The first pair fit in the store, but when I got them home I realized they were about 3/4" too long on the I took them back for the smaller size.

This pair is too small in the toe area.  I can't cram my toes in the slot!!!

Can you tell?  Can you see all the extra room on my 3 smallest toes??  

Frustrating!  I don't want to take them back and give up!!
Maybe barefoot running isn't for me.

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