Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Monday we took Maclin to see the Pediatric ENT. 
After a very quick evaluation by the doctor, he said that Maclin did, in fact, have tongue tie.  We talked about the implications and risks of having it clipped and decided that the procedure had many more benefits than negatives.
Maclin had a was slightly traumatic (for me, mostly).  He nursed pretty much immediately afterwards and was calm and asleep within 30 minutes.  He took a good long nap and woke up happy.  There was minimal bleeding and he acted completely fine yesterday.  So fine, in fact, that I ended up going to work even though I had prepared to take the day off.

So far, his nursing seems improved and he seems more content after feedings.  Per direction from the lactation consultant, I'm going to slowly decrease his supplementary bottles by around 1/2 ounce a week and hopefully be done with them around Christmas.

Thank you for all the positive thoughts and prayers--it was so nice to know we had people on our team!
Mac's grateful too!