Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas... a bit late

According to my parents, I have not been good at blogging.  My father informs me that he checks in every day to see if there are new pictures of Mac and I am consistently disappointing him...sorry, Dad :)

At any rate, Mac had a great first Christmas.  He's just now reaching the age where he enjoys toys, which makes it so fun!  Granted, he doesn't know if a toy is "new" or not, but he does love having things to play with.

Here's my guy on Christmas morning, trying to understand what the heck was going on.
Yeah, I dressed him up.  You should have seen him with the silly hat on!

 Look, Mom, I can handle and play with things.
 He even managed to figure out the keyboard part of this toy.

He's a good sitter so far--but I've been putting my boppy behind him in case my reflexes aren't quite fast enough for the inevitable tumble over....

And, I think we're getting closer and closer to teething.  Check out the drool below.

We spent Christmas in St. Louis and planned to travel to Kansas for New Year's.  I was off the week between, but David had to work.  Originally, he thought he might be off on the Friday, but had to work.  I decided to fly to Kansas on Wednesday (my parents were already at the airport picking up my sister and brother-in-law).  Mac did amazing on his first plane ride!  He drank a bottle and fell asleep for the whole 55 minute flight.  Thank goodness!

Kansas was great--I didn't manage to take many pictures, but we had a blast seeing relatives.  My cousin got married on New Year's eve, and we went to the reception all decked out in our finest.
Even Mac, who for some reason is chewing on a water bottle, looked snazzy in his argyle sweater, dress shirt, and khaki's.  Too bad we didn't manage to party until midnight!

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