Monday, December 6, 2010

Lingerie Making Party

Friday night, Martha and I traveled to St. Charles for a lingerie making party... it was a nice mixture of interesting and uncomfortable :)

There were 3 other girls sewing with us, one of whom seemed really cool.  The other girls seemed weirded out by panties, so a party to sew underwear was an odd choice. 

At any rate, I decided to make the girls weirded out by panties even more uncomfortable.

Yeah, I sewed that :)  I'm not in love with the halter, but, hey, they didn't ask what fabric I wanted.  It kind of looks more like a swimsuit to me than anything else.  Or a superhero costume.

Speaking of swimsuits, the studio was connected to the owner's daughter's design studio.  She designed custom swimsuits for pageant-wear and lounging in sunny Florida.  Some of the suits were cute, but the cheapest one I saw started at $304.

A smidgen out of my price range, but I did buy some patterns for future sewing adventures.

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