Monday, December 20, 2010

Two Weeks

Two weeks with no posts.

I stink...even though I had a snow day last Thursday, I was still I bum.


At any rate, life has been rather dull.  General holiday craziness and baking has consumed me.

This past weekend marked the start of Christmas festivities in the Brownback-Brady household.  We traveled to Kansas and attended my Aunt Sue's 50th birthday party, the Stainbrook Christmas, and my Grandma & Grandpa Stainbrook's 60th wedding celebration.

And I only took pictures of animals.  I am a mess.

I got to see my Maggie-Roo for the first time since Thanksgiving.

Yeah, I know that sounds bad--it's her yearly "vacation" to my parents.  It's much easier on David during finals (and with all the holiday parties/etc), and Maggie likes it.

I also found another friend--this puppy is a stray that I named Cheese.  I've always wanted a yellow dog to go with Maggie so that I can call them Mags and Cheese.

I didn't keep Cheese, but if you want him, he's up for the taking.

Maggie didn't seem thrilled about a new household addition, and I listened to her :) 
Plus, Cheese shed like a maniac and the last thing I need is more hair in my house, especially in a contrasting color.

The non-pet related weekend was a blast--family and fun.  David and I stayed at Kyle and Cher's Saturday night because we needed to scoot back to St. Louis so David could finish his last paper.

On that note, at 9pm tonight, David is done with school.  

I think I'm happier than he is.