Monday, June 6, 2011

Kansas Shower Weekend

I was blessed to have an awesome shower in Kansas over the weekend.
My aunt Sue and cousins Becky & Lisa threw me a shower in my mom's hometown...
I received some awesome gifts, including a little bit of Royal Purple.
Which we needed to balance out the bombardment of Old Gold in the closet right now.

He received TONS of awesome things--clothes, blankets, bath stuff, know, all those things that a baby needs.

I also received THREE homemade quilts--The Cactus is a lucky little guy.

This is the quilt that my grandma Stainbrook made for him.
She let me pick out the pattern and the fabric.  Then she did all the hard work of creating an heirloom.
I love it.

My mom had this made to match the quilt... isn't it awesome? 
The lady who paints her nails did it after looking at a photograph of the quilt.
The word Cactus can be removed after we announce his "real" name and replaced...
but the REALLY cool part is that the cactus on the right has "David & Darcie Brady" hidden in the script AND the little owl is purple (for K-State) with Gold wings that have "MU" hidden in them.

 I can't wait to get the nursery all decorated with his new stuff!

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  1. What awesome gifts! We are that much closer to the end. Yay!