Monday, March 26, 2012

Back to work

Sadly, spring break is over.  I went back to work today, grudgingly.  However, there are only 41 days of work remaining before I'm out for the summer, so I think I can soldier through :)

Mac and I flew to Kansas to visit the grandparents Wednesday through Sunday... we had a good time, with the exception of Mac's first ER visit on Wednesday evening. 

Mac went to sleep like a champ at 7:30 but woke me up about 10:30 with some terrifyingly loud wheezing.  I got him up and tried to get him to cough or sneeze, but he kept on wheezing.  I woke my parents up--and I swear I've never seen them run so fast in my life.  After staring at Mac for a long time, calling David, calling my doctor-brother, and calling the on-call number for my pediatrician, we decided (and were told, emphatically by the ped) to go to the ER.

It was kind of a scary ride... I stared at him the whole time to make sure his lips didn't turn blue (because we had instructions to pull over and call 911 if they did), but we arrived safely.  After a bunch of tests, he was diagnosed with croup.  I didn't realize that was a real thing until then--but Dad said it is probably like Kennel Cough.  I understand what Kennel Cough is :)  Mac got a breathing treatment and several rounds of steroids.  He acts right as rain now--of course, he always acts right as rain.  The kid was smiling and laughing in the ER.  It was nice that he had a good attitude--but nothing makes you feel like a crazy mom like taking your happy child to the emergency room.  Oh well :)

The rest of the week was blessedly free of events.  We went to Grandma and Mom's Red Hat club and went to bed early every night. 

Mac even got to spend time with his older fur-sister, Maggie.

After he decided she wasn't scary, he wanted to crawl all over her.  He thought she was a hoot! 

In other big news--which I hope to document with video soon, Mac has started crawling.  It's not pretty or quick, but the kid can get pretty much anywhere he wants to go.

He ALSO started saying something that sounds an awful lot like I'm also going to announce that Mac said his first word.  And it's Mama.  I'm writing it in the baby book--so it's got to be true!

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