Monday, March 5, 2012

Mac and his Banana

Last night, I decided to give Mac a bit of banana to gnaw on after his "official dinner" of nursing, chicken, and peas.  I set it on his tray and turned around for a split second.

Then I saw this.
Oh yeah, Mac decided he didn't want to wait on me to, you know, cut up the banana.  He wanted it and he couldn't be bothered to wait on me.  Sadly, this sounds remarkably like how David would describe me.  I want what I want when I want it.

So I decided to see how things went.  Mac ate the ENTIRE banana in about 10 minutes.  Towards the end, I gathered chunks that had fallen out of his mouth and put them back on the table. 

 He was thrilled that there was still more nanner to be had.

 Yay banana!

Doesn't a whole banana in one sitting AFTER his "real" meal seem like a lot?  I'm sure that it's probably wrong (and I'm probably going to hear about it) to give him that much, but I figure that he's self feeding and I'm never, ever, coercing him into eating.  Every bit he takes is his choice...and sometimes he would like more than he's being offered.  Plus, after worrying about his weight gain for so long, I'm really not about to limit food intake.

In other news, if you zoom in to this picture, you can see a couple of new residents in Mac's mouth.
These might account for some restless nights!


  1. Great pictures! He looks so excited!

  2. P did the same thing once with a frozen waffle. I had heard it helps teething to chew on one so I gave it to her, next thing I know she had devoured the whole thing! It is amazing what they cram into their bellies :)