Thursday, March 1, 2012

Fat Bet

It's March 1st.  Today, David and I are starting something I've been calling Fat Bet.

First of all... ugh that I even have to do this.  Ugh.  Baby weight stinks!  I wish I were one of those fancy famous people who look great in a swimsuit 6 weeks post baby.  Heck, I wish that I looked great in a swimsuit 10 months pre baby.

So, Fat Bet.  It works likes this.  For the month of March, I pay $2 for every day I eat candy or sweets.  David pays $2 for every day that he doesn't work out for at least 15 minutes.  At the end of the month, the one of us who has lost the biggest percentage of weight gets to keep the cash money.

It's great on so many levels.  I love candy, so there's that.  I also am REALLY cheap and hate to lose.  David shares these qualities (minus the candy).  I have no problem working out daily and David has no problem avoiding the candy jar, so we needed different punishments.

I've made it so far today without hitting the candy jar, even though I walk by it about 700 times a day at work.  I wish I didn't feel the need to bribe kids to learn with Hershey's!

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  1. Love it! Jon and I have a Biggest Loser type challenge going on right now too. It is working great! So far I've lost 7 pounds and Jon has earned $500 towards his golf budget. A win-win.