Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I know this is WAY dated (especially in the blog world), but I had the best first mother's day.

My parents, brothers, and their wives came into town Friday night.  We pretty much went straight to bed, but Saturday morning I scored some babysitting while Cher and I did a nice 10 mile run.  The weather was perfect for that!

Then we went out to Eureka and watched Grant compete in a mountain bike race--which was actually pretty cool to watch.   That evening, we went to a Cardinal's game, which was actually Mac's first game ever.  He did amazingly well, staying alert and pleasant  the entire time.  I think juice might have been a big helping factor, but I also like to think that I have a naturally well-behaved kid.  A girl can dream, right?

 The next morning, we took Mac over to Mom & Dad's hotel to let Mac go swimming for the first time.

And, yes, those are officially licensed Mizzou swim trunks. 
Nothing but the best.

Mac was cautiously optimistic about whole swimming thing.  He didn't seem to mind the water, but he wasn't trying to escape me to go swimming.  I guess that's good, right?

After swimming, we had a nice brunch at our house (eggs, bacon, muffins, fruit, little smokies in biscuits, yum, yum, yum) and then headed over to Grant's Farm.  Despite living about a mile from the farm for almost three years, this was the first time we've been.

It was REALLY cool--we saw all kinds of animals and had a free adult beverage.  Mac seemed content and slightly interested in looking around.  That's about all you can ask of a 10 month old.

After the family left, David and I went grocery shopping (my choice) and bought paint for our kitchen.  All-in-all, it was a perfect day.

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