Monday, May 7, 2012


We've had a pretty gross few days at the Brady Household.  On Thursday night, Mac started running a fever and threw up for the first time.  I'm not talking typical baby spit-up, which I'm relatively immune to.  Nope, I'm talking real, grown-up level vomit.  All over me.  Poor kid--he just wanted to go to sleep and not deal with being cleaned up.

Friday, David stayed home with Mac and took him to the doctor.  I REALLY wanted to be the one home with him, but I was at a conference that day that cost $600.  It would have looked really bad for me not to show up, even though I REALLY wanted to stay home.

The doctor diagnosed Mac with Hand Foot Mouth Disease.  Apparently, he had a "classic" case where he was covered with blisters on his hands, feet, and mouth. 

They look awful, but Mac doesn't act like they bother him at all.  It's really weird to see your sore-covered child crawling around laughing.  I think we're lucky that he didn't get sores inside his mouth, because coworkers have told me that those can be the painful ones.

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