Monday, May 21, 2012


I haven't blogged for a while... no excuses, just laziness. 

Yesterday, Mac turned 10 months old.  I attempted to take our monthly owl-sticker picture, but it's significantly more difficult now that he's DONE just chilling on his back. 

 We got the picture, but it was after he took off for the living room.
 And discovered how hilarious it is for Mom and Dad to pin him down with their feet.
 I have a feeling that Mac is going to get more and more ornery as his independence increases.

This month, Mac mastered pulling up (on EVERYTHING) and crusing. 

His FAVORITE place to pull up is on the storm door-- he loves, loves, loves staring out of that door!

He can also now eat anything (except honey and peanut butter), so we experience some spaghetti the other day.
The aftermath was pretty messy.

Love you, Big Mac!

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  1. I've decided you and David should just go in to the baby-making business. Mac is too stinking cute!