Friday, July 27, 2012

Peace Corps Email #3

Original Sent Date-- September 28, 2004

Chicken Feet

Here's a story:  The other day I got home from language classes and my host brother (who I think is
named Nichol) got me lunch (I'm pretty incapable of doing anything on my own so far) it was chicken soup,
which we've had before.  I was poking around at the bone, trying to scrape some meat off when I realized
that I wasn't just poking at any bone.  Oh no, it was the chicken foot, claws and all.  I have never been so
horrified, but I was even further grossed out when I saw Nichol gnawing at the foot in his bowl. 
Aside from that, the food is good.  Of course, now I look CAREFULLY at everything before I start poking at it.
The other day it rained and rained.  There aren't any paved roads here, so I geared up in a poncho, rain
jacket, umbrella, and my pants tucked into my big, ugly, duck boots.  My tata was NOT thrilled with my
outfit and had a very animated discussion in Romanian with him trying to tell me there was no mud and that I
did not need to dress like a swamp thing.  I countered with the fact that I am already obviously an American
and should dress however I like.  I won, but he still tried to talk me out of it this morning.
* I say discussion in Romanian, but I must clarify that it's mostly "da" and "nu" we're saying-- I don't
really have more than 8 verbs in my vocabulary yet.
What else: The other night the whole family (all 8 people that live in 5 rooms) watched Terminator 3
together-- In Russian (my family speaks Romanian and Russian).  Weird, huh?  No running water but
Terminator 3 on the computer.   
My family is very concerned that I'm cold and, while we were watching the movie, they got out a big blanket
and literally sat on me while they wrapped me up in it.  I think they called me a big baby, but I'm not
really sure of what they say most of the time.  My language teacher told me it's good that they worry--
It means they like me, I guess.
Oh!  Yesterday I was in my first earthquake!  It was so cool-- I had never felt one before.  It wasn't even
enough to spill a cup of water, but I'm still excited to experience something more than the local wine...
On Thursday, I get to start visiting sites for me to spend my 2 years in service.  I won't move until
November, but I am going to get to figure out what type of NGO I want to work in-- hopefully there will
be a lot of spots with kids!
Thanks for all your e-mails!  I don't know if I'll have time to reply to all of them before my Maxi-Taxi
drives off, but I love to hear what's going on back home... it makes me feel not as isolated as I am!

Darcie "I haven't bathed since Sunday and I am SMELL-Y" Brownback

Dressed for Church

A few of my training village from a hill


  1. I dont' care if you are posting these just for me or not, because I love the weekly trip down memory lane. My first earthquake was during PST too! Though I remember the earthquake during your PST - it was much worse in the north where I lived... and strangely fun since there was no damage.

    1. I'm glad you enjoy them, Sarah! It's been a fun trip down memory lane digging these out and reading them :)