Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Over the weekend, we traveled to Kansas to spend time with my family and go to a Chiefs game.

Mac and I flew in because David had a work obligation on Saturday.  Flying with a walker is a lot tougher than when Mac was immobile.  He still did pretty well--likely because I downloaded the Muppets movie and he got to watch that most of the 45 minute flight.

Mac got to hang out at the clinic with Mom, Dad, and his fur-sister, Maggie.  Mag LOVED it, but especially loved playing in buckets of water while being dressed up like his grandpa.

We spent the day Saturday with both sets of his maternal great-grandparents...it was awesome, but, sadly, I forgot to take pictures.

Sunday was all about tailgating and the Chiefs.  My father recently purchased an old, converted uniform delivery truck that now serves as a tailgating vehicle.  With a tv, awning, microwave, toilet, sink, speaker system, grill, and several couches, we were in the lap of luxury.

Mac enjoyed playing bags--turns out he's quite good when he walks up to them and plunks them in :)

Nana is much more patient than I am. 

 We even managed to snap a color-coordinated family pic!

During the game, Mac ate, drank, played with towel-owl, and walked around with Nana.  He was a fairly good sport until it was time to leave.  Then he made it quite clear that he was no longer interested in fun.

So we left at halftime.  In a very out-of-character move, Mac fell asleep in David's arms before we even left the stadium.
After we left the game, we went to David's grandparents for a short visit.  Mac discovered cars and became quickly obsessed.

He slept for the ENTIRE 4 hour drive home...waking up happily at 7:30.  I was terrified that he would be fighting bedtime until 1 am, but we got him down around 9pm.

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