Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Ugh, I totally spaced on Meal Plan Monday. It's probably from the best--I'm not doing much cooking this week.  I made stir fry last night and will make White Chicken Chili tonight or tomorrow.  Otherwise, we're doing the sandwich/leftover thing.  My poor family :)

Yesterday, it was 75 in St. Louis!  I couldn't believe the crazy weather, but man--was I thrilled for it.

Mac got to go to the park and it was probably the 13th time this year I've said it was the last time until spring.  I'm not saying that this time--because I can't help but hope we'll be back.

 Sorry for the iPhone pictures--- I was too spacey to remember to do the camera thing and it was almost dark at 5pm.
 Mac REALLY liked this ladybug.

And, on the same day I spent 90 minutes at the park, I came home and decorated for Christmas.  It was seriously the most bizarre day.

 We spent a long time debating whether to put ornaments on the tree or not.  I'm thinking that Mac is not the best age to practice self control.  In the end, we left several of the more breakable/precious ones in the box and decorated mostly with soft or sturdy ornaments.

My goal this year is to get a tree topper that I like and is special.  And to get a "real" Christmas tree skirt.  I'm thinking I'll look at after Christmas sales for those things.  I would rather get nice ones that crappy but have to balance my cheapness.

In an attempt to keep Mac off of our tree, we made him a tree of his own to play with.
It's just some felt.  Every time he tries to touch our tree we tell him that his tree is this one and take him to this tree.  It's a long shot that it'll work, but I'm hopeful.

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