Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Celebrate

Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I'm not the world's most melodramatic person.  I don't really cry at movies and seldom get really worked without a huge reason.

Friday, though, I was a mess. I work at a school and now school shootings hit a little closer to home.  It was more than that though-- it's that I'm a mother now.  Having Maclin's life in my hands on a daily basis creates an empathy that I didn't have before.  I cannot imagine the horror, the shock, the impotence felt by the parents that day.  But maybe the problem is that I can--all too easily.

Last night, after most staff and students had left the building, my school was placed on lock down mode.  A suicidal, armed man was in the woods outside of the building.  No one was harmed and the man never entered the building, but it brings into shocking clarity that events like this are far too close too home.

I can't live my life in fear and I can't control every environment I enter.  So, today, I choose to focus on what I have-- a healthy, wonderful son..

I celebrate my son's life because he laughs at funny voices and says "shoes" with a silly inflection that makes me laugh every single time.

I celebrate my son's life because he tells me he's done with meals by throwing the rements of his food on the floor and then promptly asks for a cookie.

I celebrate my son's life because he is joyous, silly, kind, and sensitive.

I celebrate my son's life because watching him learn new things brightens my days.

I celebrate my son's life to honor every parent who has lost a child, and to assure you that I do not take my gift for granted.

I celebrate my sons's life because I am grateful to God that he exists.

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