Monday, April 30, 2012

Personal Day

I took a personal day from work on Friday for two reasons.

1. Mac had his nine month check up!  He's doing swimmingly--measuring just above the 50th percentile in weight (which is wonderful considering the 4 month check up trauma we had where he was at the 9th).  He weighs 20 lbs 12 oz and measures 28 1/2 inches long.  He's healthy all the way and has no food restrictions except for honey, peanut butter, and milk as a drink.  Woo!

2. We had new counters installed in our kitchen.  I am so happy.  I think they look AMAZING--they're quartz and very neutral.  We haven't done the backsplash yet, but they're so much better than the PINK countertops that came with the house AND the nice gray paint job I did 2 years ago. 

There was a little snag because we're cheap.  The company wanted an extra $500 to re-do the plumbing, but I convinced myself that I could do it with the help of my dad on the phone.

I got the new faucet hooked up quickly--after a trip to Ace to buy the correct tool.  The issue was that we changed from a double-bowl sink to a single bowl (because, seriously, our countertops are small and that extra 8ish inches of space was totally worth it) which means that the location and height of the garbage disposal changed....which means that the pvc pipes don't fit.

So... I used my awesome skills to MacIver a solution involving duct tape and an old water bottle.  It's somewhat functional if you count the roasting pan that we use to catch drips.  Dad's coming to town in a couple of weeks and he promised that he and Grant (my brother, who probably does not know he was volunteered) could quickly fix it.

I'll share pictures after I get the backsplash shoved up...I think the kitchen is DRASTICALLY improved over its state when we moved in.

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