Monday, January 14, 2013

Meal Plan Monday

David's out of town for a few days this week, so I'm taking the opportunity to cook some meals that he doesn't particularly care for.  I need to say, quite emphatically, that this is the only perk to David being out of town.  I do not care for single motherhood, in any form.

Sunday:  Macaroni and Four Cheeses (with the hidden ingredient of pureed squash)
Monday: Pea Soup
Tuesday: Tuna, Leftovers
Wednesday: Crispy Chicken Fingers, Roasted Carrots
Thursday: Confetti Chili, Corn Bread
Friday: Book Club-- Sugar Free Strawberry Pie & Slimmed-Down Chex Mix
Saturday: Leftovers or Soup

And, yes, 4 meals are from Ellie Krieger, again.  I can't help myself--I get obsessed.

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