Thursday, January 3, 2013


January 3rd isn't too late to be posting New Year's resolutions, is it?  Either way, here you go.

  • Work out 5-6 days a week.  
  • Cook meals at home at least 4 days a week, ideally 6, with a focus on the nutrition of the meals.
  • Take at least 12,000 steps and climb 15 flights of stairs each day.
  • Cut off all ties with soda...that wonderful, calorie-free, caffeinated fizz.
  • Get Mac active and outside whenever possible.

  • Put our house back on the market this spring.
  • Commit to living in our home and making it work for us...until someone finally buys it.  (It's cute, I promise!  You know you want to buy it!)
  • De-crappify whenever possible.  There's just too much stuff and so little of it is actually needed.
  • Keep it clean!  Use daily chore list to keep things under control.

  • Live within our means.
  • Plan out long-term expenses for the year.
  • Put the difference between our current mortgage and our dream future mortgage into savings each month.
  • Save and plan for experiences--trips, outings, family fun.  I would rather put our money into doing rather than having.  Except of course, for a future home :)

  •  Plan fun nights out with David, kid-free.
  • Talk on the phone, even though I hate it and would SO MUCH rather text.
  • Try to spend time with friends instead of just vegging at home, even though my couch bubble is easier.

Personal Growth
  • More time reading and less time watching crap tv.
  • Figure out my career path.  I'm happy with my job, but budget cuts are always looming just off stage.  If this job goes away, I need a direction.

  • Go to church each week we're in town, as early as possible.  It's easy to plan on going to evening church and then getting caught up in something else.
  • Join a core group or a bible study.

I borrowed these categories from a blog I read, Imperfect.  The original post is here.

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