Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sorry for the lack of Meal Plan Monday this week.  I just returned to town after going to a work conference.  Since it's already Wednesday and I'm going out to eat tonight, there's really no need for a meal plan.  I'm going to pop into the store for some fresh fruit and eat some freezer meals for the rest of the week.

My conference was at Tan-Tar-A, and, because that is close to David's hometown, we decided to travel together.  Mac spent Monday at Tuesday with his grandparents while I was an adult learner.

Before we left, David modeled a hat and some hair (?) he found in his parent's house.  I'm not really sure where he was snooping and why he felt the need to put this on, but who am I to judge?

Before David left town, he and I made a special trip up to the outlet malls, where I scored my Valentine's day gift a little early.  It's beautiful and I love it.  I might love it more because it was 50% off the sale price plus another 30%.  
 It matches the wallet he got me for my birthday.

I am a lucky girl, no doubt about it.

Before the conference, I had conferred with some of my buddies to plan runs. I figure if I had to eat out for most of my meals and sit in workshops all day, I needed to counteract that with some planned exercise.

The first day, about 5 of us headed out.  I thought we were going to run 4 miles--2 miles out on a 5k path and 2 miles back.  While some people stopped to walk the hills, one girl and I ran on...completely missing the fact that everyone else planned to only do a 5k AND the 5k turn around.  Oops.

When we finally did turn around, no one was behind us and we had no idea where the 5k path was... so we got lost.

We made it back to the hotel at 4.6 miles for the run--our lost portion only added on .6 miles!

The next day, Erin and I took a picture at the 5k turn around.  We still ran 4 miles, but at least we saw the marker this time. 

Our conference included some karaoke time...which is just as dorky as you might imagine. You know...a conference full of teachers with karaoke...very cool.  I am not a dancer and some one made a joke about chair dancing.  Courtney and I felt the need to clarify and photograph what chair dancing actually is in our world.

 See?  Dancing while seated on your chair. 

I'm not sure what is going on with my arms here.  But I did buy the sweater in that picture for $4 at the outlet mall!

Since I was away from my baby boy for about 48 hours, I bought him a present.  In the hotel.  At the gift shop.  But it was a gift shop called Wood'n Ya Wanit and it was the CUTEST wooden tool kit.  All cut and nailed together by a person--you can't beat that!

Plus, look how cute my little man looks trying to figure out what to do with his hammer and saw!

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