Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I, like many, have been thinking about the tragedy at the Boston Marathon on Monday.  As a runner, this hit home for me. 

Boston is the dream.  A few years ago, I was in Boston on race Monday and made David go to both the finish line and the race expo. 
I was in awe...because, as a not-very-fast-runner, the idea of qualifying seems like a nearly unobtainable goal.  It's the dream that I just might be able to accomplish if I really really commit myself to it.  To me, qualifying would have been evidence (in jacket and medal form) of a type of tenacity I haven't yet found in my running life.

The idea of attacking this even is horrifying.

Worse, though, is the attack on the spectators.  In both the marathons I have run (and most of the half marathons), family and friends have come to support me.  These people did not get up at an unholy hour and stand around in the cold for nearly five hours because they WANTED to-- they did it out of love and support. 

During my first marathon, one of my happiest memories isn't the finish line--it's spotting David a quarter of a mile from the finish line and having him run the rest of the way on the sidelines near me. 

In my second full marathon, the course was not crowded at all and there were many points when I was the only runner for a hundred yards or so.  There was a point when I was near tears from pain and exhaustion and a lady shouted, "YOU ARE STRONGER THAN YOU THINK," to me.  I have no idea who this angel was--but I remember her words to this day.  She gave me encouragement when I needed it most.

My point is that attacking event is awful--but attacking spectators who are there in a show of love and support is beyond comprehension. 

My prayers to all those who were impacted by this act. 

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