Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Boston and Providence...

On the 16th, David and I flew to Boston.  I was going for a friend's bachelorette party, since I (sadly, horribly) can't make the wedding.  

It's a tragic tragic reality of being a grown-up.  You can't just skip work when you don't have vacation days.

Anyway, David tagged along.  He was planning on staying with Kyle and Cher and seeing the historic sights of Boston.  Just kidding.  David went to sporting events.  Who's shocked??

Cher picked us up from the airport Friday night and we went with her back to Providence.  Since Kyle had to work all weekend (lame) we went to a late dinner with Cher.  Back at their apartment, Baxter attempted to entertain me by loving on my feet.  Kind of creepy...

The next day, we went in to Boston together.  David and Cher had tickets to the Celtic's playoff game.  After a quick lunch at Cheer's (and a pit stop to buy some sale jeans), I headed off to the bachelorette's.

Once there, we groomed.  The theme was Jersey Shore...so I wore a bump-it, bronzah, and WAAAAY more makeup than I'm comfortable with.
Note to readers: this is not her's normal face.  This is her Jersey Shore face.
She's usually WAY cuter.  And less orange.

Note our AWESOME shirts--A little too low-cut for daily wear, but still darling.  

I also bought some new shoes for the event...
Ugh.  My calves are not photogenic.  But you get the idea.

After a fantastic dinner and, um, wine, we traveled to a drag show.
And, man oh man, was I excited.  
(Also, I put on fake tats.  CLASSY!)

You would be excited too.  Those drag queens were fantastic...far better than the LAST time I went to a drag show. 
Hmmm... that's an interesting sentence.

Sadly, horribly, I spilt a drink on my phone at the show.  
My phone died.
It couldn't handle the fun.

After the show, we headed to some club. 
I danced like it was going out of style.

Yes, that's my outfit.  
I was so proud of myself.

My friend found another bachelorette...and informed her that our theme was better than hers.

I think she agreed.

Another shot of the bump-it.  And the male friend in the same shirt.
He was a trooper.

The next day, after copious amounts of water, I met up with David and want to a Red Sox's game.

Why?  Because I am a darn good wife.  That's why.

It rained the whole game, but David was a GENIUS and got us tickets under the over-hang.

We ate some clam chowder...because it seemed like a risky idea.

You know... lukewarm clam chowder bought from a walking stadium vendor.

Eh.  We lived.
The highlight of the game was the chilly Asian man sitting in front of us.  
He wore two hats, two scarves, and a full coat.   Resourceful!

After the game, David forced some photo-ops.

But that's cool, because I forced him to walk by the Boston Marathon Start/Finish on our way back.

OMG.  Someday, somehow I will be fast enough to run this.

Right?  A girl has to dream.

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