Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chicago Trip

David and I were looking at our calendar a while back.  I noticed that last weekend was the ONLY weekend between now and November 16th (which, incidentally is 4 days before my due date) where we don't have a football game or wedding.

For reals.  No "free" weekends until I am literally about to pop.  Or, really, might have already popped.

So... we went to Chicago last weekend.  Turns out that it coincided with an event called A Day Out With Thomas at some train museum near Chicago.  Plus I wanted to go to IKEA.

Thomas was a madhouse.  Seriously.  They had a FULL-SIZED train with the engine decorated like Thomas.  Plus random train play stations, magicians, music, etc.  Mac was so so happy....even though he had first watched Thomas two days before our trip,* he knew who Thomas is and loves him some trains.

It was totally worth the trip, although I couldn't help but remember when I used to take trips for reasons other than trains :)

That night we ate at a restaurant called Pilot Pete's.  It was located at some tiny airport and overlooked the runway.  In theory, you could watch planes land and take off while eating...we didn't see any of this happen, but Mac was being a near-angel and ate a ton.  It was a cute place for kids, though.

The next day, we traveled across our hotel parking lot to visit IKEA.  I had actually gone the day before during nap time so that the boys didn't have to watch me debate between throw pillows and various curtains.  We were at IKEA a LONG time that day.  Somehow, Mac was being a near-angel again.  It might have been related to the new Thomas movie we allowed him to watch on the Ipad during our 3 hour shopping trip, but I would rather just claim that Mac is naturally patient, a trait he obviously gets from me (and here's the part where you laugh hysterically if you know me at all).

We got some needed items for our home...curtains for the nursery and sliding glass door, a HUGE book shelf for the office, shelves for the laundry room, and other small things, etc.  It was a literal miracle that everything (safely) fit in our car for the drive back.  I think we might even have had room for some more, but David didn't have as much faith in my car-packing abilities.  I randomly snapped a shot of the backseat, but it doesn't do our full load justice.

On the drive home, David started talking about how we should go on a baby-moon...but I'm thinking that weekend trip to go shopping and look at trains might have to do it.  At least it was fun :)

*Mac hadn't ever watched Thomas because I find the song REALLY grating.  I used to nanny for a little boy who watched the same episode of Thomas on repeat, so that song would get stuck in my head.  I don't mind Thomas in theory, but really can't handle that song.  It's too bad that Mac fell in love and has been requesting to watch Thomas ALL.THE.TIME.

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