Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm back!

As you probably didn't notice, I didn't blog for the whole summer.  I got lazy and tired...mostly because I'm pregnant! And we moved! And Mac turned two! And we had a summer of adventures!

So, first things number two is on the way and expected somewhere around November 20th.  And he's another little boy-which is awesome. David is especially pumped for "all the sports."  My biggest battle is trying to argue that we can't name the new little man Mizzou or Tiger.  I will win that one, so help me God.
This pregnancy has been as uneventful as the first...I'm still running but might hang that up fairly soon.  The only difference is that I'm more tired with less time for naps and shopping :)

And, moving!  Our new house is awesome--TONS more space and in a great subdivision.  It's out in St. Charles, so we are officially suburbanites.  We've been meeting a lot of neighbors and this house already feels so much more like a home than the last--maybe it's because I can see our family staying here long term.

And, I'm thrilled to be done packing and moving and unpacking.  I felt fine, but everyone freaked out anytime I lifted a we had piles for a while, which are happily gone now.  We still have a few pieces of furniture to buy...but furniture shopping with a toddler is a special part of hell, so we're in no hurry.

Mac Attack turned two!  We had his party at the Museum of Transportation, where you get to ride on a train WHILE LOOKING at trains.  And then you get to PLAY with trains.  It was his perfection.  The party was great.  Our old sitter made the cake and she rocked it like usual.

We had an amazing summer--probably our best yet.  This summer Mac was able to do things and actually interested in specific topics.  These include...


"Big Trucks"




Doctor appointments with Mom


Goats again

Ice Cream


Meeting his new cousin, Caroline



Sleeping in the car




Train tables


Water tables

Water Fountains
As you might have guessed, Mac and I had a summer full of adventure and fun.  I loved every second of it...and even managed to schedule in some couple time with David.

Sadly (really really sadly), I had to go back to work on Tuesday.  Mac started at his new preschool/daycare and David texted me this picture of the first day of school.
Needless to say, the expression on his face did not put me in a good mood.  But they said he was happy and charming before David got out of the parking lot.  By the second day, they said he had mastered drinking out of a cup without a lid and had been charming all the women.  My little ham :)


  1. yay! I'm glad your back. I missed photos of your adorable little boy. Congrats on the move and uneventful pregnancy!

    Best wishes as you get back into the work grove just in time for maternity leave.

  2. yay so glad you are back to my regular blog rotation (I almost didn't click on yours today!) ps we need to hang out soon.