Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seeing Ourselves in Mac

Last night, David and I went to eat at Food Trucks at Frontier Park... we got some yummy delicsouness and Mac was having none of that.  Seriously, I ordered the kid this thing with homemade chips covered in cheese and sloppy joes.  Isn't that the dream toddler food?  None.

David and I started talking about the characteristics of ours that we see in Mac. 

From Me:
  • Stubbornness...and occasional crankiness :)
  • Love of sweets
  • Ability to figure things out mechanically (he's good at putting things together, etc...not a skill of David's)
From David:
  • Ability to ham it up all the time
  • Natural love of sports
  • Looks- David actually says "stunning good looks"

Makes me wonder what Little Tex will be like...

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