Friday, July 30, 2010

Last Saturday

Last Saturday we traveled to KC to go to my friend Jimmy's wedding.  I've known Jimmy since nerd camp (HOBY) when I was 16.

Also attending the wedding was my darling friend Erin, who I love more than life itself.
How can you not love her??

Anyway, the wedding was fantastic... very Jimmy.  David and I had a good time having "serious" conversations.
The only problem with photos of "serious" conversations is that I always look grumpy.  

They had one awesome groom's cake... David has never been so jealous in his life.

I had a blast... as evidenced by the following random pictures.
Here were all the invitees that also went to nerd camp with us...

The only sad point of the night was David's clumsiness...he broke Erin's camera.
No worries, though.  A replacement is already en route from Amazon.

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