Tuesday, July 13, 2010


This past weekend was a bit of a whirl-wind!  After seeing Wicked at the Fox on Friday, I spent the WHOLE DAY Saturday at David's final trial.  
For David's summer class, the final was a mock-trial.  David had to wear a suit and there was even a jury.  I had to memorize a deposition so that I could be one of David's witnesses.  I was stressed out--and I wasn't the one being graded :)  The trial itself took over 5 hours.  
After that, we watched one of David's bosses play acoustic guitar at a coffeehouse and then met up with my friends Jimmy and Shanda for a few drinks.  Jimmy and Shanda actually live in Oklahoma...but they drove in to St. Louis to buy wine at Trader Joe's for their upcoming wedding.
Aside: I love Trader Joe's.

Sunday morning, I work up EAR-LY and drove to Kansas.  It was my grandpa's 80th birthday party and my mom's birthday.  The family celebrated with a picnic...and about 130 people showed up.  It's helps that my grandparents are popular and have HUGE families.  Seriously, my mom has 48 first cousins.  That's blood cousins--not spouses of blood cousins.  HUGE.
Here's Grandpa and Grandma.  Aren't they cute?

The ladies.

My mother, her brothers, and my grandparents.

Cher, Kyle, Me, Mom, and Dad.

It was very hot.  Not that I'm complaining now...but I sure did complain a lot then.

Cher made a lovely, beautiful cake for the picnic.  Unfortunately, the heat didn't love her creation very much...she's going to send me a pre-heat picture, but here's a mid-picnic shot.

Apparently, the family decided the best way to eat it was to just grab fistfuls of cake.

It was yummy!

I spent Sunday night at Kyle and Cher's... and the drove back to St. Louis on Monday morning.
Once I got back, I painted the cabinets again and then went to our softball game.  We lost :( 

Today, I got up early and went on a 12 mile run.  Ugh!

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