Monday, February 27, 2012

Going to Kansas City, Kansas City Here We Come

 Over the weekend, David, Mac, and I traveled to Kansas City to spend time with my family.  We headed to Lyndon the first night, arriving at 11:30.  Mac happily woke up and played for about half an hour before going down for the night.

Thank goodness we have such an easy-going child.  He is nowhere near as high-strung and routine oriented as his mother.

Saturday, we hung out at the Vet Clinic for a while before loading up to go to Kansas City.  We had a nice lunch at my brother's house and then headed to David's grandparents to watch the KU-Mizzou game.

I napped during the game, but there was lots of yelling.  I believe David almost had a heart attack 13 times.

After THAT, we headed to the main event... the George Strait/Martina McBride concert!

Since David's grandparents were graciously watching Big Mac for the evening, David was driving, AND my father was footing the bar bill (hi, Dad!), I decided to let my hair down a bit and have some adult beverages.  That, paired with not eating dinner made me a happy camper...who might have texted a bit too much.

At any rate, we had AMAZING seats.

Martina was great... I felt like I was reliving my Junior year of high school, driving to work at the dentist office in my '89 Ford ranger, singing about girls who are beautiful (you know you are...wish upon a shooting star).  I probably rocked out a bit too much, because when Cher and I went to get some more beer, Kyle and David almost got in a fight from some guy who "didn't pay good money to listen to two effing a$$holes talk."  I'm pretty sure those effing a$$holes weren't Kyle and David.


So Martina wrapped up and George came out, all fancy and cowboyed up.

He sang two songs, apologized that he was sick, and left.

WTF.  Seriously, George???????

I didn't realize until the house lights came up that this was actually true and not some joke where if we cheer super loud he'll come back.  

Apparently, our tickets will be honored next Saturday, but there's no way that David and I can handle 10 hours in a car with a 7 month old 2 weekends in a row.

I'm a little sad, but we had some AWESOME pizza afterwards and I got over it.

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