Friday, February 10, 2012

Photo Dump

Well, I failed at blogging this past week.  Ugh. 
It's really just laziness... I spilled water on my work laptop (4 WEEKS AGO) and the loaner they gave me is stupidly slow.  After battling that all day for things I have to do, I'm more than a little disinterested in coming home and blogging.

Sorry, friends :)

But things have been good lately.  Mac's growing like a week and getting cuter by the minute.  He pretty much lets me treat him like a little doll, as evidenced by our photo shoot of him wearing his pants on his head.
And no, those aren't just any camo pants...they're dinosaur shaped camo.  The hoody that goes with them says, "I'm a cute-a-saurus."

Hilarious.  I love baby clothes, mostly because they make me laugh.

With Mac, I've also mastered the fine art of tickling him while also taking pictures.

Geesh, I should have cleaned those carrots off his face before our photo shoot :)

Usually tickling works well, but sometimes he just looks crazy.

As far as blogging goes, I plan to do better next week.  Really though, that promise could be totally empty :)  Mac's sitter is due with her second child on the 16th (I think) so she could really go into labor any second now.  My mom's coming to town to watch Mac in Missy's ONE WEEK OFF (yeah, she's crazy), so I'm really looking forward to that.  Maybe I'll have Mom write a guest post?

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