Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mud Run #2

On Sunday, I ran in another Mud Run.  These races are so much fun that I think I'm hooked.

Here's a before shot--we look so nice and clean then.

 And after.
Not so clean.

The race was funny--it had a color portion, zombies, and mud.  It was seriously like someone looked at races trending on twitter and smashed them all together :)

At the end of the race, I was going down a giant slide.  For some reason, I was really picking up speed when most people seemed to be struggling.  I picked up so much speed that I nailed the girl ahead of me in the back... whoops.

Luckily, there was free beer at the end to stifle her pain. :)

 It was a nice end to a long weekend.  The day before, Maclin got to tailgate for the first time... and I only managed to take one picture.  He was thrilled with the food options.  :)  

 I had a blast tailgating...the game, not so much.  Rain is no fun to watch football with a baby!

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