Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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As you may or may not have realized, I missed a week of blogging.  I'm back with a few pictures of the stinkbug.  He's growing like crazy (and turns 14 months on Thursday!).  

His latest obsession is with crayons.  He doesn't understand what they do, but he knows they're fun to hold.  He's figured out where I store them and has taken it upon himself to go get them and carry them around the house. 

 While it's cute that he does it, I've hidden his crayons... I can't handle the random scribbles on the tile or walls.  Hopefully, Mac will begin to understand that a crayon isn't just a magic wand and start using them with a purpose.  Until then, he only gets them with supervision :)

Mac also is obsessed with his swing.  That kid could sit outside in this thing for HOURS if I let him.  I love that he loves it...but ending our swing session has always been traumatic for both of us.  He yells and throws himself to the ground (maybe he's hitting the terrible twos early?), refusing to walk.  I feel horrible but usually have something pressing to do (translation: Mom has to pee).
So, while the actual swinging is fantastic, I'm working on ending the swinging in a positive manner.

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