Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snow Days

After listening to my complaints all winter, the snow gods finally took pity on me and we had TWO snow days last week.

It was a wonderful week.  We had Monday off anyway, so I only worked TWO days last week.  I don't know how I'm expected to return to work for five full days this week, but I think I'll survive.

Mac and I played hard. Toys were EVERYWHERE because I flat out didn't care what the house looked like.  I mean, seriously--when you're in your pajamas at 3pm (after working out and showering before the kid woke, thankyouverymuch), you really don't care if there are 500 toys in your living room.

I was trying REALLY hard to limit TV time, so we even busted out the finger paints.

He lasted about 30 seconds before this happened.

But in the end, I am the proud owner of this beauty.

I even gave Mac a new toy that I had been saving for some future holiday (maybe Easter?).  It was on sale and I had picked it up right after Christmas.  We're not usually fans of giving Mac presents for no reason.  Our house is small and I have enough problems with clutter when we limit his toys...but I figured TWO snow days in a row is a reason, right?

I also spent his nap time doing very important things, like texting my sister about what color to paint my nails.

And then sending her a picture of the final product.  Because, obviously, Lindy CARES about my nails.

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