Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crockpot Fiesta! And... softball!

Every week, people at my high school take turns providing lunch for the rest of the loft.  This week, Cathi, Jana, and Joy went above and beyond.  It wasn't just that the food they provided was a scrumptious fiesta...

No sir, they stepped it up.  These lovely gals had costumes to boot!
That's a lot of pressure for the rest of us!

On a completely separate note... the South Sluggers softball season "opened" last night--on the same day as the Cardinal's home opener.  I know you're all shocked that I 1a) know when the Cardinals play and 2b) made this connection.
Anyway, we played our arch rivals, Weber's Front Row.  In a close game, I managed to hit the ball every time I made it to bat and even made it to first once!  That's right... I FINALLY made it on base--and then made it all the way around the bases to score a run.

I know, I know.  I'm amazing.

Actually, I was pretty amazed that we won the game--4 out of the 6 girls on the team had run the half marathon the day before, so we were a little sore collectively.

And here's your required cute picture... well, it would have been cute if my arm didn't look all freaky.

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