Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter weekend

David and I traveled to Lebanon for the Easter weekend... it was a trip that's long overdue, considering that this is only my third trip to David's hometown AND it's very close to some serious outlet malls.

Yay!  Shopping!

Since it was a family/holiday weekend, we (I) decided that Maggie RooBearski should be allowed to visit with us (note: I consider Maggie a family member and Veronica merely a pet) so she got loaded up in the car along with David's golf clubs and my running supplies.

All in all, we had a good weekend.  Dan and Debra and great hosts, so it would have been hard not to be great.  David golfed and watched sports, I went running and shopping, and Maggie slept.  Actually, I forced Maggie to go on run Sunday she probably didn't have a superb weekend.  Oh well.

Sunday, Lent finally ended and I got to chew some gum.  It was heaven... I totally missed gum.  I think I've gone through more than a pack already, and I love it.  

I love gum.  David hates it.  We're already squabbling :)

We decided that we were looking so snazzy after church on Sunday that we need to take some photos.
Ahhh... what a darling family :)  
This might have to be our next Christmas card... or maybe a dual facebook profile picture.

Probably not a dual facebook picture.  It kind of weirds me out when couples do that.

I was going for a very senior-picture type moment here... do you think I pulled it off?
Happy (late) Easter!

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