Friday, April 30, 2010

Basement Blood Bath

Apparently, at some point this week somebody (or somekitty, rather) hurt her paw.  I realized this when I went into the guest room and saw splotches of blood all over the bed spread and the window sill where she likes to hang out.  I got it cleaned up, but har-umphed about the hassle.

Then I went to the basement.

And was greeted by this.
Yeah. that's blood.


There's a little more...
Some on the couch...
And a little more on the couch.

And, you know, I don't think Veronica Breadbasket feels bad at all.

After I realized she was bleeding, I went in search for her.  

I found her on top of the deep freezer, napping in a box of David's chips.
(I moved her to the dryer for the photo).

Yeah, she's not sorry.

Note: Veronica is fine.  Bleeding stopped after she tracked blood through our entire house.

I'm not fine.  I've got to clean up this mess!


  1. not gonna lie, that cat looks dead in that bed-o-chips. creepers!

  2. Yeah, kind of creepy. She's just rolling around enjoying the sound of smashed chips.