Thursday, November 4, 2010


I think if I could start my career trajectory all over again, I would be a chef or a baker.  Or I would make something, instead of dealing in ideas and words so much of my time.

I get excited about a finished product.  Having a "look what I did" part of the job.  Right now I say that all the time, but it kind of loses the effect when it's a super-elaborate excel formula, you know.  I'm starting using mail merge more and more...not because it's really necessary, but people notice end products with it :)

Back to my original point...the middle school is having the book fair today, and I got SUPER excited about a cupcake book.  I wanted to buy it, but then I remembered that I had the first one at home (this one was the follow-up)...and I have yet to bake anything out it.  Somehow, fancy baking doesn't mesh with my diet.

However, I am nothing but if not a problem solver.  I'm longing to bake (but not eat) fancy treats.  At teacher at the high school is having a baby, so I'm baking for her shower.
Pitter Patter Pretzels
Shake, Rattle and Roll! Cupcakes
How cute are these?  

My friend Martha's getting married on Labor Day, so I'm also plotting treats for her bridal shower...
Wedding Gown Cookies
I could probably go fancier if I wasn't terrified of fondant, but I have a feeling that would end in disaster.  Seriously.  I'm not precise enough for fondant...but buttercream, on the other hand, I can do buttercream.  Just throw some more on to cover mistakes...and then spoon directly into mouth.

Anyone have anything else they want me to bake for?

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