Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chicago and Halloween

Chicago was great...the night after I saw Nate I got to see my darling friend Rach from grad school.  I should travel for work more often -- it's a great excuse to visit friends :)
Rach and I met up with some other girls from grad school--Francie and Aqeela--but I neglected to take pictures.  I wish I had--Francie and her darling boyfriend were dressed up as Waldo and his girlfriend Wenda.


I got home from Chicago on Sunday - in time for Halloween.  David and I went to church and got home about 7pm, missing all the trick or treaters...so we decided to load up Maggie Roo in her bumble bee costume and take her searching for treats at Steph and Jon's.

 Maggie promptly stole Wicket and Willow's food. 
She has no shame...especially considering that her costume busted open every time she sat down.

Diet time, Maggie Roo.

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