Thursday, September 29, 2011


In the last couple of weeks, Mac's favorite thing in the world has been standing. 
He doesn't want to be cradled, he doesn't want to sit on your lap--the little man wants to STAND.

Since, at 2 months, he's not quite able to stand independently, it's become slightly exhausting for me to hold him upright all the time.

So...when we got back from KS/Jeff City on Monday, I decided to set up his jumper.

You know, instead of doing laundry or putting all of our crap away.
At first, Mac just stared at us... 
I call it his WTF face.

That quickly changed to this---the happiest face I've been able to capture on camera.

He was thrilled--cooing and smiling for about 90 minutes.  That's like 10 years in baby time.

Of course, he's not quite tall enough yet--so we stacked some books under his feet.  
He's not jumping so much, but has been loving just being upright.


  1. Oh my goodnes look at how happy he is! I'm setting up B's jumperoo sometimet his week, I hope he loves it as much as Big Mac.

  2. Aww cutest smile ever! I think I need to put one of those on my baby wishlist.