Monday, September 5, 2011


On Saturday, our dear friends Martha and Nick (finally) tied the knot.

It was a stunning wedding followed by a fun reception.  I wish I had taken more pictures...and I wish I hadn't put David on camera duty, because that meant the flash was off.

Once we got the flash turned on, the pics mostly looked like this.
Oh well.

We brought Big Mac along to both the wedding and the reception.  He did very well--sleeping through every second of the wedding and a large chunk of the reception.
I also felt he looked pretty darn cute wearing an outfit from Aunt Cher.

 David and I cleaned up pretty nice as good as can be expected 6 weeks post-baby.


  1. You're looking great! So glad you got to enjoy yourselves.

  2. And Maclin looks so old. Beautiful family!

  3. Sadly...I never got to see BMac :( You, however, looked fabulous! It was a great time!