Thursday, September 1, 2011


Big Mac's 6 weeks old as of yesterday, and I've decided it's time I stop living in crisis mode.  You know crisis mode--the one where you eat nothing but fast food, let laundry pile up until you're out of underpants, and forget to bathe and brush your teeth.  I'm not pretty in crisis mode and I'm not happy there either.

So... last night, I made a to-do list.  It included

  • Wash towels
  • Buy stamps for birth announcements
  • Grocery shop
  • Clean stove
  • Make brownies
  • Blog
As soon as Mac wakes up, we're running out to buy stamps and send out the birth announcements and then everything on the list is done-zo!  

After serious contemplation, Big Mac approves.  He mostly liked that a to-do list encouraged me to put on real clothes today...not the glorified pajamas I had been wearing.

And, as a bonus, a video of my smiling guy.

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